Review for Flamingo Fashion

Review for Flamingo Fashion

Flamingo Fashion, Samantha Hunter, Fashion, Children's Books, Flamingos,I received this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

This book just looked fabulous, fantastic, and fun… sadly, it just lacked in my eyes.

I had expected a fabulous, wonderful, sparkly book, but instead I got mostly empty pages with a fun poem/story on it with 3 or so illustrations dotted on the 11 pages this book has. It just feels very unfinished and empty. And that is a shame. I think if you made it feel more like a book, and less like an essay or a Word Document, it would really bring the story to life. Add colour! Add borders around the text! Use another colour for the pages! Go bold, go bright! Do like the flamingos!

Because really the story deserves that. The story is just so much fun and I love the flamingos and what they did for the animals! I loved seeing them think of new outfits each fitting for an animal, make something pink and sparkly out of the savanna. The ending was a bit sad at first, but I liked it at the end. I understand where the animals are coming from and I am happy they said their piece, but it feels a bit rude how they did it. Maybe next time instead of having them wear clothes forever, maybe make a party? A fun party with foods and fabulous clothes and tons and tons of fun!

As I said there are a couple of illustrations, they were a bit hit/miss for me. I loved the lions in the story, but the giraffe and the crocodile just looked a bit weird?

So all in all, I am happy I tried this book as the story was fun, but I hope that the book itself gets a make-over and becomes just as fun as the story.

Star rating, 2 stars

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