Review for Flying High

Review for Flying High

Flying High, Glitterwings Academy, Book 1, TItania Woods, Fantasy, Boarding School, Illustrations, Cute, Fairies, Purple Wings, Pink Hair, Butterflies, TreesAn adorable fun and magical series! Meet Twink and follow her during her first term!

So, since libraries and everything is still closed, I decided to use the Online Bieb (Online library). Sadly, they don’t have a lot of new books, and especially the English section is just so so sad. But, while browsing this sad collection I bumped against this series. The cover looked super cute and the blurb just sounded adorable and right up my alley. So I downloaded the first book and will also be reading the rest of the series when I can.

In this one Twink is having her very first term and it is full of new things, new friends, new lessons, flying, and also some not so fun things.

As per the title, the theme of this book is flying, or at least trying. Something that Twink did a bit too well in the beginning which ended with her being too afraid to fly again. I just felt for the girl, especially since everyone else could fly with ease. It doesn’t help that the teachers aren’t helping a lot (you would think one of them would have some ideas, and whose bright idea was to announce a flying exhibition…), Mariella is a bitch (sorry, that is just the only word that fits her). But thankfully, Twink has friends, classmates, and also a teacher who want to help her. And I was rooting along and wondering what could help to make Twink relax so she could just fly! The story was well written, engaging. Sometimes sad, but also with rays of hope.

Sooze had a good start in the book… but as the book continued I just got less and less happy with her. Twink really said it later in the book: “Sooze is lots of fun, isn’t she? But having fun is all she cares about. If something isn’t fun, then – she doesn’t want to know.” Sooze needs to learn that not everything in life is easy or fun. Getting cross with your friend is just not the way to go. I am happy with Sooze in the end, but I do hope she learns to stick to her friends no matter what.

I wasn’t a fan of Mariella (or most of her lackies as Bimi really turned a sweetheart). I am frankly getting sick and tired of books having this trope. I could do with several books without the trope. There are just too many books with this. However, I am glad that the girls (at least Sooze and a couple of others) were tired of Mariella’s crap and called her out for it. Go girls!

I have to say that I was reminded of many books while reading this one. Not meaning it as a bad, but it stood out for me and so I want to mention it. New school/boarding school, first year, new friends, annoying/mean roommates that think they are better, special powers, and I could go on. In this one they learn to fly, but I have also seen similar books where the new kids get unicorns, sea horses, or other things to help them as they get through school/life.

I loved the small illustrations that were dotted throughout the book! It is just a shame that my library has a terrible quality (seems it was just scanned and put online) of the illustrations. I would love to see these pretty illustrations in better quality!

The ending was just such a glittery and happy thing! I loved it and I cannot wait for the next term to start!

I would recommend this book to all! So much fun! It made me really happy and that is something I can definitely use these days.

Star rating, 4 stars

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