Review for Ishuzoku Reviewers Vol.4

Review for Ishuzoku Reviewers Vol.4

Ishuzoku Reviewers, Interspecies Reviewers, Vol.4, Amahara Masha, Sex, Ecchi, Fanservice, Reviews, Succubus, Maids, Manga, FantasyThe fourth volume and I quite enjoyed this volume with marriage chapels, quests, actions, and more!

I was in the mood for something ecchi, something with fanservice, something funny. And Ishuzoku Reviewers fits right in there!

As I said in my previous reviews, I still find it super hilarious that the anime was so porny. Really. Because the manga is really quite tame (for most). XD I do love the differences though, now you can experience Ishuzoku Reviewers in two different ways. Tame-ish and full out porn. 😛

A lot of things happen in this volume, I loved most of it, though chapter 30 was at a point a hard pass for me. I am not a furry lover, and this just went too far at points for my levels. I think I would have stayed in the earlier parts of the street, maybe up to 10-20%, but not more. No thank you. Haha. I mean, really, never go to the innermost part of the road..

My favourite chapter out of this thing would be the auction one and the quest followed with sex. The auction one had me in stitches. I found it quite creative that these guys were still able to watch porn despite not having technology like us. Instead they have gems that can show you movies. I loved seeing what our two MC’s were selling and how the crowd reacts to it. Plus, because of a certain video’s popularity the guys do some stuff in the next chapter, which I love. Continuity ahoy! And the quest was also fun, I love that the guys aren’t only just porn masters, instead are also able to do quests (though… given how this quest goes… ).

The angel chapter, mm on the one hand I liked it (more info on angels and such), on the other hand it just came out of nowhere and I would have liked to have an introduction.

I loved reading the various reviews from the boys and I loved that their ratings were all well-balanced. Though I wouldn’t mind seeing some more 10s. 😛

All in all, I loved this volume and will be reading Volume 5 soon! I would recommend this one to all looking for something funny and hilarious.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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