Review for Jeanie & Genie #1: The First Wish

Review for Jeanie & Genie #1: The First Wish

Pink, Girl, Friendship, The First Wish, Jeanie & Genie, Book 1, Children's Books, Wishes, Magic, Genies, Cute, Trish Granted, Manuela LopezA fun book with tons of friendship, glitter, and wishes!

I spotted these gorgeous and very colourful books on Twitter and decided to immediately buy them on Amazon. I just knew that I would love this series. I have now finished one book and I had so much fun. I flew through the book. Laughed, giggled, and more! It was cute!

Meet Jeanie, a girl who likes normal, average, and not having too much adventure. She prefers a good book over most things. I really liked Jeanie. It can be tricky writing a character who is so neat and focused on studies, it can very easily go to boring. However, Jeanie was never boring. I loved that she loved reading and I totally approve of what she is reading and wish I could read the same books. I loved that despite that Willow is a chatterbox and gets Jeanie in trouble at times, she tries to be friends with her, help her feel comfortable in this new environment.

Then there is Willow, a new girl who is full of chatter and bubbles, but also wishes and magic. I loved finding out more about her and what she is and how things work in the genie world. I loved that she tried to fulfil wishes but didn’t always get it right immediately (I can only imagine how weird it must be for everyone when it started snowing after rain and then there is sun 😛 ). But she is trying her best and I know I will be rooting for her and I am curious what kind of wishes she will fulfil and what badges she will get!

The friendship was so sweet and I am happy that these two girls found each other and have so much fun! They are opposites in quite a few things, but that doesn’t seem to stand between their friendship.

I love that instead of calling the Genie Jeanie they called her Willow and have her be friends with a girl named Jeanie. I hope that makes sense, in my head it kind of does. Haha.

The book is told from two POV, Jeanie and Willow. They both have very distinct voices so I never had trouble with keeping them apart, but to make things even easier each girl has her own font in her chapters. Willow’s is bubbly and round and Jeanie is neat and pointy (I have another word in my head, but I just cannot find it at the moment).

The art, OMG, that is so cute and adorable and fits with the story perfectly. The characters are wonderfully done, I love their expressions.

I still have book 2 and 3 left, and then it is hoping that book 4 and further come out soon because I definitely think this is a series I want to read for a long long time. I would highly recommend this book to all looking for some glitter and fun and sweet friendship.

Star rating, 5 stars

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