Review for Jeanie & Genie #2: Relax to the Max

Review for Jeanie & Genie #2: Relax to the Max

Jeanie & Genie, Relax to the Max, Purple, Girls, Glitter, Butterflies, Trees, Fantasy, Magic, Wishes, Children's Books, Trish Granted, Manuela López, FriendshipA new Jeanie & Genie and this time a wish turns Jeanie into a total opposite of herself… a totally relaxed version!

I am so loving this cute and fun series and I really enjoyed the second book! Which features something that Jeanie could definitely use at times, relaxation.

Funnily, I am normally not that big of a fan of characters who are so gung-ho on studying, but I just really like Jeanie! Yes, she could definitely learn to relax a bit (though maybe not as much as Willow’s wish had her going through 😛 ), but many times I was with her for her moments of stressing out and being a bit gung-ho about things. When Willow was just playing around while Jeanie was making the project? I felt that. I have had enough group projects in which one is just not doing much. When her brother stole her paper? I don’t have a brother, but I could still understand her frustration.

The wish though, or well, the accidental wish as that is what it was (be careful what you say when you look into Willow’s eye). I had fun seeing how Jeanie changed, but I also felt a bit sorry for her as you could see that the wish wasn’t the right one. You could see her struggling and she seemed to get fuzzier and fluffier each time. But as I said, I was also having fun seeing Jeanie relax. See her not care too much about what she is wearing, see her have fun and make jokes, see her totally relax and not care too much about being the very best (sorry, couldn’t resist). It was quite a fun Jeanie! And I love that even when the wish stopped working she took lessons from the wish and seemed to relax a bit more.

I was delighted with Willow that she worked hard to help out her friend, and I am quite curious when she will start to earn badges and which one will be first~ I also love how creative Willow is, yes, she may need to prioritize some studying as well, but I still liked seeing her make all sorts of fun things.

The art was once again a delight and I love love the style so much!

All in all, this was a very fun and relaxing book and I cannot wait to continue reading the series! Recommended to all!

Star rating, 5 stars

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