Review for John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids: Grimms Town Terror Tales Rise of the Candy Creeper

Review for John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids: Grimms Town Terror Tales Rise of the Candy Creeper

John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids: Grimms Town Terror Tales Rise of the Candy Creeper, Kids, Girl, Boy, Monster, Halloween, Family, Grimm, Monsters, Spooky, Mystery, Graphic Novel, Neo Edmund, Sandy King, Renae De LizI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So I had to get this book. I just love Grimm stuff. The original but also whatever people make with the Grimm name. Mystery books, books about Grimm kids or family, monster hunting, and more. Sadly though, the book could do with better pacing and not all characters were likeable.

OK, right from the bat, I wasn’t a fan of the beginning, I was pretty confused and found myself trying to find pages I couldn’t find. Later on, things moved a bit too fast for my liking. I don’t know, I feel like things could have been better paced. I mean at one point the kids are combat-training and suddenly their aunt is there? And she knows more? It just felt weird, and so there were other parts as well.

Next up was Hansel. While I liked Gretel from the start… Hansel not so much. He is annoying, frustrating, and sorry to say, dumb. In the span of just 30 pages he does so many dumb things that it surprises me he is even alive. I guess the only way he is still alive is thanks to his smart sister and the green monster they have as their… friend? I guess it is friend as it helps them out. Sorry, but I found it hilarious that Hansel tripped, and Gretel truly thought Hansel was dead. WTF? Who dies from tripping? Later on there are more moments that had me shaking my mind. Lord, Hansel, please just don’t do all those things.

I was happy when we got more information on how the monster hunting got started and how the Grimms became true monster hunters! And I definitely loved that we got some information on Grubb. It was great that Zoe took the kids under her wings and told them about things, taught them things now that their parents weren’t going to be able to do that. At times I wish she had stayed around because come on, these kids know so little and you let them off doing things.

Sorry, but I was just laughing my butt off when Gretel and Hansel just walked away from the witch, what the hell did you think would happen? That she would just let you go? She is the big bad witch from all fairy tales and especially the one that started our family legacy/curse. Stupid kids.

I did like how the story, or at least the Candy Creeper saga ended. It sure was exciting and I was definitely rooting for our kids and their aunt. Oh, and Grubbs. I loved how everything was tied together, how everything formed one big puzzle.

At times it was a bit too dialogue heavy for me. Normally not such a big problem, but I am reading this graphic novel on my PC and my eyes are protesting heavily. Haha. Kind of curious how my feelings are if I read this one normally.

The art was definitely my favourite. It was just amazing. The character designs were top notch, and I love the colours that were used.

All in all, I had fun reading this one, though I am not entirely sure if I would continue. Again, Hansel was annoying, there were some pacing issues, and it was a bit too dialogue heavy for me to read on the PC. But, I am also very curious to see how the story will go and what H & G will see next time. Will they find their parents?

Star rating, 3 stars

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