Review for Last Dance

Review for Last Dance

Last Dance, Hanna Schroy, Yellow, Ribbons, Ballet, Dance, Shadow, Spirit, Dancing, Graphic Novel, Young Adult,I received this book from Iron Circus Comics in exchange of an honest review.

I love books about ballet and this one sounded very interesting as it went further than just ballet. It is about a girl losing her dreams. Darkness.

This was a wonderful and heartbreaking book about Miriam, a girl with big dreams… but one accident (following many smaller ones) shatters her dreams. What is next is a girl without any plans, without dreams, confused and lost, and angry at it all. At times it was hard to read because on the one hand I wanted to sympathise with Miriam… but on the other hand I just wanted to give her a slap for all she did. But thankfully, Miriam grows. Miriam makes friends. Miriam sees another perspective. But my heart broke for Miriam at many times. I can only imagine how hard it is for her to have worked so much, to have such big dreams and no time to have a back-up and then to lose all that, lost and wondering what the hell is next. Struggling. Going past the body limits (I was just shouting at my screen at times for Miriam to NOT do this).

I loved seeing the various ballet parts and see how everyone was working hard to make a great show. I loved most side-characters (Suzanne and Daniel were my favs), there was just one I didn’t like that much and that was that muscled guy (sorry, he wasn’t my favourite so I forgot his name). Often I could get why he was acting this way, but at the end… he could have been way nicer. And he could have been more supportive for Miriam.

Her conversations with the spirit were dark, spooky, creepy. While Miriam had no idea what the spirit was up to… I knew it from the start. I loved how that dark spirit part turned out! It was something I had been wondering about, but wasn’t sure if it would turn true. My heart broke when the revelation happened and we saw some more on Miriam’s past. Poor girl. I can imagine that she became who she was during the first part of the book.

The ending was well done and I was delighted with how it ended. I am so proud of Miriam!

The art was just great! I really love the style. If you remove the words you would still be able to see what is going on because the art did such a great job at showing the characters expressions, emotions, and body language.

All in all, I would highly recommend this book to all. This was a beautiful haunting tale of ballet and dreams.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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  1. That’s a really interesting book and seems cute too! Haven’t read it but from your words I think it has a lot of lessons there – which I actually like when it comes to reading books 🙂 nice review by the way!

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