Review for Midnight Feast

Review for Midnight Feast

Midnight Feast, Glitterwings Academy, Book 2, Pink, Purple, Fairies, Magic, Fantasy, Wings, Cute, Children's Books, Illustrations,The second volume in the series… and sadly I didn’t enjoy it that much.

I was pretty happy that I found a new series on the Online Bieb (online library) as it is pretty rare for them to have English books. However, after reading this one, I am just not sure if I will continue. I mean so much could have been freaking resolved if they just had talked. Not just assumed. Just talked. If Sooze had been honest.

Twink’s birthday is coming up and Bimi has a big plan for her best friend. A party! A midnight feast (yes, as per title)! She wants to make her friend happy as Twink has been unhappy because normally she celebrates with her family. However, as expected, Sooze takes over and instead of just telling Bimi it was her idea but that Sooze had a location, noooo, there are assumptions and enormously stupid drama for nothing. I mean, hello, why not talk to Bimi? Why not ask her what is up? She is your best friend and all you can think of is that Bimi is jealous. Bimi is not freaking jealous, she is just worried about Sooze’s plans in many occasions. (Though later on the author makes it seems like she was jealous rolls eyes) I was just hurt for Bimi that Twink would think this hurtful thoughts. Real friends talk. Real friends don’t freaking assume and then get angry based on those assumptions. Because that is what pissed me off the most… Twink just acting like this. What friend are you?

I didn’t even enjoy the party after all of that crap. I was at 44% and not looking forward to the rest of the story. But I read on. Because I wanted to see if excuses would be made. In the end the party was fun and I would have loved to party with the girls and do all the fun things they did, eat all the yummy food (mm, honey cake). However what followed next? Assumption assumptions again. Poor Bimi. Lord, these girls are all horrible and terrible. They are even listening to Marielle, of all the girls… they should know that she is a snake by now… URGHHHHHHH. And so things continue (even with a teacher believing one fairy over another and not even questioning things) and I was really ready to just throw my phone to the wall. 😐

Plus, I am just sick and tired of Marielle. Can we PLEASE for the love of all that is holy just have a fun boarding school series without a bully? Because I am tired of that trope. I am tired of that so much. I love boarding school books but for some reason there always needs to be a nemesis. Always needs to be someone who ruins it for everyone.

I am happy with the ending, I did like Twink’s plan to get Marielle to confess, and I love how things ended. But really I hope these girls are a bit more talkative when something happens again. Trust each other instead of distrust and constant arguments and sadness. 🙁

Oh, and I found it funny that the description tells us that the girls get dresses… but the assemble we see in the picture is a cute sweater with a skirt! Not exactly a dress!

As I said, I am not sure if I will continue. On the one hand I want to, hoping the next is just as fun as the first one again… but on the other hand, I also don’t want any more lame/dumb drama.

Star rating, 1 stars

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