Review for Simon and Chester 1: Super Detectives

Review for Simon and Chester 1: Super Detectives

Super Detectives, Simon and Chester, Green, Ghost, Boy, Children's Books, Pug, Dog, Mystery, Detectives, Graphic Novel, Children's Books, Cale Atkinson, Book #1I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review~

OK, this was just too cute and too much fun to read! I was already hoping that it would be that, but it was even cuter than I thought! I had so much fun reading about Chester (human boy) and Simon (a ghost). There are cookies, pugs, mystery, and more!

This book begins when Chester is bored out of his mind, Simon however is busy writing his novel (which sounds pretty great and I wouldn’t mind reading it). Chester decides to find something for both of them to do and so they become detectives! I loved seeing them get the appropriate attire, the perfect lighting, and other things to make everything real. They are both, well, OK, Simon particularly very dedicated to this cause!

I had so much fun seeing Chester and Simon try to find out where Roy or Von Curly Tail have come from and who his owner was. It was such a fun case and I loved seeing them make posters, find people, bag clues (though I think neither of them wanted that poo), and more. I had my suspicion on Roy, well, two suspicions and I had fun seeing one of them indeed come true!

I want to know more about how these two met. Who is Simon, or better said, who was Simon. How can he do all these things like typing, and wearing clothes, and such? How can people see him?  Why is Chester living with his grandmother? And I got a few other questions, I hope that in the next volumes, yes I am hoping for more, we will get some answers.

The art is just so much fun, I loved how the characters were drawn, their expressions, and OMG that pug is just too cute!

I flew through this book, it was just delightful! I love their friendship and I cannot wait to see what is next for them! Please make more books about this duo!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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