Review for Stella’s Stellar Hair

Review for Stella’s Stellar Hair

Stella's Stellar Hair, Yesenia Moises, Blue, Stars, Hair, Girl, Starry, Planets, Children's Books, Picture BookA gorgeous book about hair, planets, and more!

I so miss my library, the lockdown continues and so no libraries as those are closed. Have been closed since mid-December. I miss getting picture books and children’s books. I was in the mood for something cute and fluffy and of course a picture book, so I wandered around on Youtube when I came across this book, read by the author herself. It looked enormously adorable and I just had to check it out.

In this book we meet Stella! Stella has a big cloud of hair, but today of all days it is not working. It twists and turns, zigs and zags, it is totally unruly. First up is her mom to try out to make something pretty for her, but Stella wants something more special and so we visit various aunts and family members at each new planet. Yes, Stella’s family is spread all over the Milky Way. I absolutely loved seeing how each aunt looked and also loved loved loved seeing each new hairdo and wish I could do my hair that prettily. Then again, you probably need curls for those and I don’t have those, well, not anymore.

I do have to say I did think it was kind of rude of Stella to never be satisfied with any of the hairstyles. I mean, hello, she got some dang pretty hairstyles that made me jealous, and I would have been happy with any of those and gone off to have a fantastic day.

I am happy with the end, and the message her last auntie told her. It was a good ending. A message Stella needed and I hope that she is much happier with her hair now.

The art is just simply the best. It is shiny and pretty and starry and I just love love the style. It is definitely my colour palette!

I loved that this one was read by the author and I loved her little comments along with the story.

All in all, a starry magical adventure through the Milky Way with an important message at the end. I had fun reading this and I would recommend it to all.

Star rating, 4 stars

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