Review for The Haunting Beacon Hill

Review for The Haunting Beacon Hill

The Haunting of Beacon Hill, The Beckoning Dead, Book 1, House, Light, Birds, Horror, Ghosts, Possession, Nightmares, Creepy, NOPE, Ambrose IbsenIt starts with a haunting… which will ignite a chain reaction. Things are lurking in the dark. A scary and awesome book in a series I want to continue reading.

I am normally not a star at summarising books, but this one. I can. Very easily even! Namely: NOPE. And that until infinity and infinity and infinity. NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. Also these GIFs:

Hiding, Man, Sweater, Rainbow

This book was a freaking NOPE fest. And I mean that in a good way of course. But HOLY HELL this was a scary ride, and yes, I will continue the ride as there are two more books in the series.

I loved how the book started and how scary that was. I mean I knew that I was going to scared poopless if I continued the book. IF this was how it began, I just could get how much more NOPE it would get. Also, if you are being followed in a dark and very spooky house with tons of shadows doing come play with us, then DON’T LOOK IN THE MIRROR. NOPE.

Meet Sadie, a girl who has a fun job at as a librarian (JEALOUS) but whose life is going to be flipped over entirely when an old neighbour of hers calls her and asks for help with a possession or something thereabouts. I can hear you ask me why would anyone ask a librarian for help with a possession case? Well, um, Sadie can (or could) see things. Not that Sadie wants to see things. And I don’t freaking blame her given that we see through her all the scary crap that is lurking around. And that they are all beckoning for her. YEP, NOPE. I actually felt sorry for her that she had worked so hard to suppress things and then things come back.

Things really got scary throughout this novel and at times I was just NOPING out loud at my Kindle Reader. There are moments that will freaking terrify. The possession and what happens after, HOLY. I was so into my book that when I went to say hi to my hamsters, I was even startled by my hamster who was staring at me from a place she normally never was (doesn’t help she is all white with very black eyes and the room was dark). That is how much the book affected me. Every sound. Every shadow that moved had me startled and looking around. This book is scary and I love it. Haha. I thought at times things couldn’t get scarier, oh how wrong I was. How wrong…

I loved finding out more about what was lurking in Beacon Hill, what the past was. And while the house was superscary, I also loved seeing people go in there and get terrified.

August x Sadie? Mm, I wasn’t always a fan of how Sadie acted. In the beginning I was unsure about August as we saw him through Sadie’s judgemental eyes, but later on I saw a great friend. A great guy who was there for Sadie and who listened to her. And who also helped out with all the weird crap happening in this book. I think it is a blessing for him that he cannot see whatever is lurking in corners.

Americans are so weird. Haha, I already know this, but every time I read a book I keep coming back to it. In this one they were talking how x was murdered on the first floor. Yes? Then they continue saying (in that same sentence) that they only have to check out the rooms on the ground floor. I had to read that sentence 5 times + google things to make sure that ground floor is first floor. Because while I do know that Americans use the first floor for THE GROUND FLOOR, I didn’t realise they also used Ground Floor for that. WHY? Why would you call it first floor and then ground floor. MAKE UP YOUR MIND. flips some tables

Also, why didn’t August and Sadie make a hole before entering the damned house? I mean, I would have freaking done that. Hello? Saves you time from demonic gore ghosts that are hunting you. Also, hello? They knew that Ophelia was saved by being pulled through a window. Why didn’t they just circle the house and find that window? Open it up further or just enter as it was big enough. Fuck yeah that there is going to be a ghost just saying HELLO there, but it is easier and faster.

There are some parts that had me just shaking my head at the stupidity (if you are in a dark hospital don’t go wandering off). But that is standard for horror stuff, people do stupid things.

The ending, or well the last page had me freaking NOPE so hard and had me trying not to puke out my innards. I am not going to spoil anything, but DANG. That is one way to end a book. Be warned.

I love that there is also another plot going on. Because the ghosts know Sadie. They were waiting for her. There are nightmares in which Sadie sees her mother, who died. I am quite curious what is going on with that, what happened in the past. What was dad and the grandparents hiding? I cannot wait to read more of it in the next books. Yes. I will continue. Despite this being so much nope and superscary.

All in all, I cannot wait to dig deeper into this series and maybe even check out other books by this author! Currently writing this on 28-1, I got another book waiting for me, but after that? More horror, yas! weeps a little as she is also scared so badly. I would highly recommend this if you love horror, ghosts, don’t mind some gore and WTF is that? moments.

Star rating, 5 stars

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