Review for The Haunting of Rainier Asylum

Review for The Haunting of Rainier Asylum

The Haunting of Rainier Asylum, The beckoning Dead, Book 2, Asylum, House, Birds, Ghosts, Paranormal, HorrorGrab your blankets, make a pillow fort, because it is getting scary (or scarier)! Asylum explorations, hell, and more!

So, almost immediately after I finished book 1 I started book 2! After that cliffhanger I just had to continue. Plus, this series is just too good, you want to keep on reading and reading and reading. Though, at times I also wanted to just run and NOPE the hell out of there because it was scary. I t doesn’t help that this one takes place in one of the spookiest settings (at least for me), namely asylums. This one is long abandoned, but there are things crawling there… shivers Plus, given what we know about the asylum and what happened there years ago… lots of sadness and pain. Not a good thing.

The second book and we start off where we left off. I definitely loved that! No room for waiting, just go go go. Our duo is still shaking from the events of the last time, Sadie the most as she was the one holding Ophelia. After seeing something on the news and hearing the name of the asylum, the one that Mother Maggot came from, and also some other things, they decide to go. While I was all for solving the mystery, putting souls to rest, I was also so noping at how creepy things would get. I mean the previous book was SO SCARY.

I love Sadie and August’s friendship. I am so glad that they are friends and that there is no romance to be found. I think that would distract from things, plus I could use a book with male/female friendship, they are quite rare. I love that they are opposites, yet fit great together. August is so supportive and I love it. Many others may have run away from all the creepy stuff, but August is there for Sadie. He supports her, motivates her, talks with her when she is totally through with all the crap that is happening.

The asylum exploration was creepy as hell, especially when the duo makes the time-old horror mistake of splitting up. Yes, the wall is just a divider, but hello? If you have to run you have to be together. Not far apart. I was just shaking my head at this. But after that the story picked up full time and things got so scary and harrowing that I didn’t even care about the mistake and instead was fully immersed in the story and how creepy the asylum was. Every time I thought maybe she would be fine, things would happen again and we were in full terror.

I did think it was funny that Sadie kept calling for August each time she heard a sound or saw something. Often it was just NOT possible that it was August. I get that she misses him, worries, but come on, now is not the time to talk/shout/call out.

This time we get some more answers on some questions, but also get plenty more questions which probably will be answered in the final book. We learn what happens to Sadie when she goes to someone who is dead (NOPE). We see the thing that looks like her mom (NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE). There are some puzzles that are now solved, but the reasons why are still unnamed. It was really well written and I am glad that we got more information.

I loved that we also got a short chapter from John’s POV. That we see what happened to him and how he disappeared.

The ending, OMG, a cliffhanger! Argh, I am so happy I got all the books in the series to read and that they are out, because I am dying to know what is in that box and what kind of secrets the grandparents/her family had. I need to know! I guess this evening I will start the next one. Haha, though on the other hand, maybe a day without horror would also be nice.

Star rating, 5 stars

2 thoughts on “Review for The Haunting of Rainier Asylum

  1. I’ve been waiting to see your review for this one because I’ve been intrigued since you started reading it! I am so glad you enjoyed it. I’ll be adding to my tbr mountain!

    1. Aww! ❤ Look forward to the third book’s review on the 9th. 🙂 Haha, sounds like a good plan, hopefully it doesn’t topple the mountain~

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