Review for The Secret Life of Farts

Review for The Secret Life of Farts

The Secret Life of Farts, Malin Klingenberg, Sanna Mander, Farts, Children's Books, Humour, FunnyI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was quite curious about this book. Despite being 18+ I still always love books about subjects like farts, I guess I will never grow up. 😛 I was curious about what the secret life of a fart or farts would be. I like the the book cover has a whoopee cushion (or Lordie Cushions we have to believe Aunty Donna 😛 ).

In this book we read about different kind of farts and about why farts are so great. In this book wae see a fart from a cook who gets startled by a robber, but also a diver underwater who makes such a big fart bubble a fish gets stuck in it, or the classic farts in an elevator. And there are many more fun examples.Along the way we see the reactions of animals and people. I had such a big laugh about the different farts and to see how they wafted away out of the butts. But the biggest laugh definitely comes from the reactions of the animals/people.

I like that this was told in verse/rhyme as it made the book more silly and fun to read.

The art/illustrations was fun as well and I really liked the style. It was very colourful and the farts well drawn (like that they also form shapes).

All in all, this was a fun fartastic book about farts. Kids will love it (and adults like me).

Star rating, 4 stars

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