Review for Unicorns Don’t Eat Carrots

Review for Unicorns Don’t Eat Carrots

I received this book from BookSirens/author in exchange of an honest review.

I just cannot not resist books with adorable unicorns, and I love it when titles make me laugh, and this one definitely did. Because really, why would you give a shiny and glittery being like a unicorn a plain carrot. Come on, no. You give them something delightful and special!

In this book we Ben, a small boy on the way home from school. He probably had a very uneventful day at school, but his luck is turning and he meets a unicorn! He wants to pet it.. but how does one get close to a unicorn? Well, that depends on what kind of unicorn it is and what kind of story. Haha. I loved that Ben thought in terms of food and I had tons and tons of fun seeing what foods he came up with, or well, which foods he didn’t like that much and wanted out of the house. 😛 At least that is how it came across in my eyes, especially when he picks a food that a lot of kids don’t like (I am an odd duck in that regards as I have always loved that food).

I had a big big laugh at the reactions of the unicorn to all the foods that Ben brought along. They were just so fun.

The ending made me very happy and I hope that Ben has many more meetings with the unicorn. On that note, are there more unicorns in Ben’s world? And could I visit? Oh, and I like that this is a unicorn story featuring a BOY. I have read many unicorn stories in my life and I believe most feature girls. So I am very happy with this.

I liked that we had one page with a neutral blue (with a bit of white sprays spots) with the text and then a full page illustration. The illustrations are pretty cute and I especially love the design of the unicorn!

All in all, I am delighted I could read this book and I had fun reading it. It is perfect when you are in the mood for something cute and fun.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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