Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 21-2-2021

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 21-2-2021

Afternoon all!

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Happy Weekend all! I hope everyone is having a good weekend~ Welcome to a new shiny Sunday’s TBR Updates glitters.

My week… well, I guess it was OK. Valentine’s day last Sunday was, despite lockdown/pandemic, still a good day. My father in law gave me a waffle iron, so now I can make some yummy waffles. I won two books and cannot wait for both of them to come in.
Reading-wise, I drowned myself in books. Haha. I read books from my stack, some books I just liked and I couldn’t wait until this new week, ARCs (don’t want my TBR for that too overflown too much).

What did I read from my TBR stack this week? Het geheim van de dieventekens (interesting and fun to read), Je hoort wat in een klaslokaal (haha, this was just so funny), Aho-Girl (another fun volume in this hilarious series, this time tons of holidays), Overleven als Single (well-written with tons of fun illustrations), Lies we Tell Ourselves (a heartbreaking read just like the first time I read it 7 years ago), Levenslessen van een kat (loved this re-read, just what I needed), Burgers & BBQ (mmmmmm, YUM).

And here is a new stack! One library book left! Under that one are two Minilibrary books that I found when I passed them during my walks. Then new books (6 of them along with on the bottom another one) and followed by some re-reads. I am definitely enjoying my re-reads, it is so fun to re-read books from 5+ years ago.

And with that we have reached the end of this week’s TBR Updates! I cannot wait to dig into this stack of books and I cannot wait to make some yummy waffles (my stomach is now growling at me). Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a good/safe/healthy week!

2 thoughts on “Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 21-2-2021

  1. Sounds like you got a lot done again! 😀
    Chibi Vampire sounds somewhat familiar, I think I have to look that one up. Actually, I think it might be nice to read a manga (or a whole series) again. What did you like best so far this year? <3

    1. Yep! 🙂
      It is quite an old manga (along with an anime), but it is very good, that is why I want to re-read and maybe also re-watch it again. Normal books or manga? Normal books, let’s see, not counting re-reads, I got one 5+ starred in English: Selfies by Lavie Tidhar which was an amazing novella. And I also got plenty of 5 stars, but you wanted the best, so 5+ it is. 🙂

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