Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 28-2-2021

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 28-2-2021


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Happy Sunday, welcome all to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates!

This week was… well nothing really special. Lockdown got extended once more (no surprise there, it will be a surprise if it ever stops). But it was nice enough weather again (spring is here early) to get to working in my garden again. To get rid of the leaves, to get started on my next project, the left side of the garden. Now to just hope that the gardencentres open again. I need stuff for my projects. Haha.
Reading-wise, a good week. My head wasn’t into a lot of words this week so I made my head happy with some graphic novels and manga! She liked that. I am slowly getting through Netgalley as well, while I do want to keep some books because we are still in lockdown, I want to get it at least under 10 (currently at 13).

What did I read from my TBR stack this week? Bella Italia (exciting but also a bit boring), Assassination Classroom #4 (soooo much fun to get back into the series, this was a good volume), Sorcerer Hunters #1 (confusing but hilarious), Petite Cossette #2 (WOW), Stellvia #1 (eh, not sure if I liked this one so much), Chibi Vampire #2 (truths are coming out and this was a good volume), Lost Legends (so much to re-read this one, so much excitement and now I want even more GF), Ankh-Morpork Archives #1 (YAS).

Here is a new stack, well new, most of it is from last week with just a couple of new additions. I also added a TBR for my Kindle. I have quite some books on there as well and I want to show you my Top 6 must reads!

And that ends this week’s Sunday’s TBR Updates! I hope everyone has a good upcoming week, be safe. Enjoy your books!

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