Waiting on Wednesday ~ This is Not The Jess Show by Anna Carey

Waiting on Wednesday ~ This is Not The Jess Show by Anna Carey

Evening all~

Happy Wednesday all! Just 2 more days until my Birthday! But that is not what this post is about, so welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday! This week I am hyped about This is Not The Jess Show by Anna Carey.

The book sounds like The Truman Show and I love love loved that movie. I am definitely eager to start reading this one and see how this girl got into this, why she doesn’t know (does she really not know??), and what is going on (who is behind it?). I wonder if we will only see Jess’s POV or also other people, like those in the know. I kind of hope it is only Jess to keep the mystery strong, I feel that another POV may just ruin the illusion/the mystery.

I also quite like the cover, like the bedroom is set on a stage which fits very well with the book blurb!

I will be buying this one very soon. I cannot wait to start reading it~

This Is Not the Jess Show, Anna Carey, Stage, Bedroom, Reality Show, Young AdultA timely YA thriller about a teenage girl whose reality may not be what it seems, blending 90s nostalgia with a speculative hook that dissects our modern reality TV and influencer-obsessed culture.

Like many teens, sometimes it feels as though everything in Jess Flynn’s life has been engineered for maximum drama–from her performance at the school talent show, to the reappearance of her childhood best friend and perennial crush Jeremy, to her friends trying to set her up with one of the hottest guys in school. It’s almost as if everything might finally be going her way…until one day a tiny black phone with an apple logo on its screen falls out of her best friend’s backpack and lands at Jess’s feet.

The problem is, it’s 1998, and the first iPhone isn’t due out for another nine years.

Jess’s friends refuse to acknowledge the strange device. Her sister Sara, on hospice care with a terminal blood disease, for once can’t tell Jess what she should do. It’s almost as if everyone is hiding something from her. Even her beloved dog Fuller seems different…like, literally different, because he definitely didn’t have that same pattern of spots on his stomach last week…

Nothing in Jess Flynn’s world is as it seems, and as the cracks begin to show, Jess will discover her entire life is nothing more than someone else’s entertainment. Except in this reality, the outside world is no place anyone would want to escape to.

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