Waiting on Wednesday ~ Travels of Suki the Adventure Cat by Leigh-Anne Ingram

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Travels of Suki the Adventure Cat by Leigh-Anne Ingram

Evening all!

Welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday! This time a book that has been out since last year, but I just found out about it and I need it in my life soon. Say hello to: Travels of Suki the Adventure Cat by Leigh-Anne Ingram!

This book just looks so cute and is about two things that are an interest to me, namely cats and travelling! I cannot wait to see the world through Suki’s eyes and see where she and her owners go! I do love it that her owners take her to many places.. though I am sure it isn’t for every cat. Haha, some cats just want to stay inside (is reminded of her old high school friend’s cat who, when take downstairs to the entrance of the flat just dug its nails into my best friend’s shoulders). The cover looks adorable, and Amazon had some inside photographs and they make me want to read it so badly. But it will have to wait until next month (which thankfully isn’t far away) before I can get it as I have reached my limit this month.

Travels of Suki the Adventure Cat, Leigh-Anne Ingram, Cats, Water, Lake, Rock, Mountains, Travelling, Non-fiction, Photography, Cats, CuteExplore all the world has to offer with the internet’s favorite traveling feline!
Suki is a gorgeous Bengal cat from Canada who isn’t afraid of taking her tiny paws on big adventures. From the castles of Europe to the sunny shores of California, her travels prove that anyone can wander the world. With inspirational words about exploration, Suki’s readers are invited to travel with her. Additionally, Suki looks absolutely elegant with each step she takes and has the photos to prove it! Full of gorgeous shots of her and her human parent, Martina Gutfreund, the book will continue in the popular Instagram account’s tradition of taking in the wilderness and its boundless beauty.

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