Netgalley TBR Updates ~ 18-3-2021

Netgalley TBR Updates ~ 18-3-2021

Afternoon all!

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Welcome back to a new Netgalley TBR Updates! This time featuring a whole new list of books to read!

The lockdown is still not ending and probably won’t for many more months. Sorry, just not into the right headspace. Maybe the lockdowns will stop, but I just don’t have faith in it anymore. sighs Back to positivity because I don’t want to be all gloom and doom on my blog. I finished off the books mentioned in my previous Netgalley TBR Updates . Two days ago I finished the last two. But no worries, haha, I have kept adding books and even read some that weren’t mentioned on the previous TBR Updates because I still had so many books I still hadn’t read from the previous TBR Updates and didn’t feel like it would be right to make a new post. But now I am totally free of all the books from the previous TBR Updates and so I can finally share my new 16 books that I cannot wait to read.

From my previous TBR I DNF-ed 3 books (Magic Mutant Girl, The Muddlemoor Mysteries, and Carpe Demon). The first two weren’t my cups of tea, the second one was fun, but I missed the demons and I think the book would work better for me as a paperback. As for the books I read, reviews for those are either coming to my blog soon or already have a review up.

I have 16 new books on my list! dances 10 Non-fiction, 3 graphic novels, 2 picture books, and a YA book I need to read for a Blog Tour. I haven’t had that much non-fiction on my list in a while so I am very excited to read them and learn new things. 🙂 One book on this list (She Memes Well) I have started.. but due to some stuff in the 2nd Chapter I haven’t gotten the motivation to continue. I cannot wait to start reading the books on my list. I have been holding myself in to not read them until I shared them with my dear readers!

Netgalley, TBR, Reading, Books

What will I be reading first? Well I am definitely eager to read Cheer Up or The Crumrin Chronicles first, followed by Bees and Dinosaurs. And maybe I will see if I can continue She Memes Well.

Well, that is it for this Netgalley TBR Updates! I am so happy that I am able to do these again, though I hate the lockdown, I guess it also gave me a chance to share my Netgalley TBR with you all and that is good. I hope everyone has a good rest of the week!

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