Online Bieb Book Haul 18-3-2021

Online Bieb Book Haul 18-3-2021

Hi everyone!

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Welcome to a brand-new Online Bieb Book Haul!! Yep, 3 weeks flew by and I am back with a new haul.

So, our government announced at the beginning of March that the lockdown would be extended, again. They are now looking to maybe open up things in April, though libraries and other cultural-like buildings haven’t been mentioned. sighs So I decided I would dig a bit deeper into the Online Library/Online Bibliotheek, as they haven’t added anything new lately that sparked an interest.

Though imagine my disappointment when I favourited some books on the app on a night that I couldn’t sleep.. only to find out that I cannot find those favourites on the desktop version on my PC. I had to check my phone and find the books again on my PC. They could use some more improvements. 😅

I am quite happy with the books I found and cannot wait to start reading them!

STATS: 9 books. All Dutch. 5 non-fiction, 2 poetry collections, 2 fiction.

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