Paperback Surprises ~ Blue Flag, Vol.2 by KAITO

Paperback Surprises ~ Blue Flag, Vol.2 by KAITO

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I am back again with a new Paperback Surprises! This time Blue Flag, Vol.2 by KAITO (German edition).

I have been planning on going through my shelves to check for more gorgeous books, but I haven’t been feeling OK to do so. However, recently I bought a new Blue Flag volume. I had won the first one in English on Twitter and absolutely loved it, thankfully it was also licensed in German as those copies are cheaper and better for my wallet, haha. I hadn’t expected the books to be this pretty though! I thought it was just a pretty cover, but instead you can open it up as it has flaps and see even more scenery! Plus, the first page of the manga also continues that scene! And I just have to share that with my dear readers! Look forward to more Blue Flag as I will buying new volumes every other month.

I got the cover for you in two parts. One is the scene with three of our MCs and then the second part is where Masumi is taking a photo, lastly I got the first page of the manga which features her taking the picture and what she shot.

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  1. First of all, I love your post, and welcome back!! I wanted to ask you: on my screen it had said “Visit Twirling Book Princess for the full post” before I clicked on it and it let me to your website, how did you do that? I would really appreciate the help :))

    1. Thank you, and thanks? Though I never left, haha, it just has been a while since I did this kind of post. I don’t know how WP sends mail or how they format things, that is all automatic and nothing I have any control over. If anything I can only imagine that because use the tag that when it sends mail it respects that tag and not show the whole post. Which is nice, I was already wondering if that came through. Haha.

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