Review for Babysitting Nightmares: The Phantom Hour

Review for Babysitting Nightmares: The Phantom Hour

Babysitting Nightmares: The Phantom Hour, Kat Shepherd, Book 2, Rayanne Vieira, Fantasy, Monsters, Horror, Children's Books, Mystery, Red, Clock, House, Girls, Baby-sittingThe second book in the Babysitting Nightmares series and this time ghosts, babysitting, spooky clocks, and a new character!

First up a big big thank you to my husband for giving me this one for Christmas! I would have read it sooner than almost 3 months after, but with Lockdown/Corona I needed to spread out my reading. I am so so glad I could continue the series, because I really enjoyed the previous book and wanted more exciting (and spooky) babysitting adventures.

This time we focus on Clio! I definitely love that each girl gets her spotlight and I really liked seeing things from Clio’s POV. She is such an interesting and fun girl, plus she is a fellow booklover like me!

Ohhh, just noticed that the girls on the cover switch depending on whose POV the book is about! That is so cool, I didn’t even notice that until now.

The girls are still recovering from their recent adventure and are trying to get portals to be closed so that the Realm cannot get into their world again. So we see that, but we also see Clio get a brand-new babysitting job with an adorable girl and cute doggo. However, as you may expect given this is a book called Babysitting Nightmares, things go bump when Clio is babysitting. From clocks making strange and harsh noises to getting locked into rooms and balls getting removed from the trash. You can imagine that Clio is NOT amused given that she is still recovering from the whole previous adventure. These girls just cannot get a break it seems. Like with Murder Most Unladylike in which Hazel and Daisy kept finding dead bodies, the girls in this series keep finding mysterious and spooky going-ons.

I also loved reading about Kawanna and loved her interactions with Clio and her friends. I loved how supportive she was and how she helped them out numerous times, or was there for them to provide scary movies and yummy hot chocolate. I definitely wouldn’t mind a prequel book featuring Kawanna.

And Rebecca was there again to pass out some food that she made! Yum!

I am a bit on the fence about Ethan. On the one hand, yas a new character and one who is a medium or at least is trying to be one. On the other hand I liked my group of 4 girls and seeing their adventures. I guess we will see more of him in the next volumes but I do hope that he won’t be around too much. Again, let’s just focus on the girls.

Haha, funnily, Maggie? Who I wasn’t a big fan of in the first book? She was much better in this one (kinder and sweeter) but she still frustrated me at times with how she acted. I mean everyone is trying their best to do something and she just wasn’t into it 99% of the time. Rather doing her things instead of helping out. And then later during a crucial time she did something so stupid. Everyone warned her, but did little miss Maggie listen? Noooooooo. Why would you? I am kind of worried about the next book in the series as it is about her POV, but who knows maybe that will make me like her? Guess I will see.

There are also a few illustrations here and there and I definitely would have liked to see more of them.

All in all, tons of excitement in this. Friendship. Ghosts. Evil queens. I flew through this book and enjoyed it tons.

Star rating, 5 stars

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