Review for Diary of the Cat Named Carrot

Review for Diary of the Cat Named Carrot

Diary of the Cat Named Carrot, Erin Merryn, Cat, Tutu, Pink, Cute, Diary, Non-fiction, Cats, Family,I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

OMG, finally I could read this adorable book! There were some file issues so I had to wait a few weeks before it was fixed and I could read it. I am just so in the mood for something cute (haha, though I have to say also something scary given I am also reading a horror novel at the moment) and this one looked extremely cute!

Before I start, I have to say I never heard of Bailey nor never of Carrot. Maybe I have seen them pop around while reading Twitter, but there are just a lot of cats on the internet. Never too many though, but with the amount of cats I just don’t remember names.

I loved the introduction at the beginning, though points up to the paragraph above I don’t know who Bailey was. But it sounds like Bailey was a very special cat. I am glad that the family found Carrot. Who is a bit like Bailey, but also the total opposite.This reminded me of my dwarf hamsters. After the death of my baby Floof I was hoping for a new girl who would love hugs. I found Yuki. But just like how Bailey/Carrot are different but also have same things, Floof and Yuki are also different in ways. Yuki is way more hyper. Floof was more a lady.

This book is written in a very fun way! I know the title says Diary of the Cat, but I thought the diary would be written from human POV… it is not. It is written from the POV of Carrot. Which made the whole thing even more fun and adorable. Great decision! It begins with telling us about her siblings, about the writer and her family, and about her furver home (that is what Carrot calls it, please don’t comment on how it is spelled wrong 😛 ). We see how she spends her first year at this family and OMG, I was just squeeing in delight. I loved seeing her get used to her family, experience all sorts of holidays, see the kids grow up, and so much more. I just flew through the pages.

I do have to note that some things just felt very uncatlike and shattered the illusion that this was written by cat, that this is a diary of a cat. I mean, I cannot imagine cats being hyped about being spayed. Neither can I see a cat make promotion for the work that her owner does. And there were a few other parts. I would rather have seen those not be included.

The photographs? Purrrrfection. They were cute and adorable and I loved seeing Carrot grow up. Go from tiny kitten to big cat. Along with many costume changes. Haha.

I read that there is also a book about Bailey? Well, I guess I will have to get that book as well. Yep, I am planning on buying this book when it comes out. I definitely want to give it a spot on my shelves. And Bailey? Well, I am curious about that cutie!

All in all, I would highly recommend this fun and cute book to all!

Star rating, 5 stars

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