Review for Die Tierwelt, die dir gefällt! (English Review)

Review for Die Tierwelt, die dir gefällt! (English Review)

Die Tierwelt, die dir gefällt!, Sarah Neuendorf, Animals, Travelling, Non-fiction, Cute, Questions, Children's BooksI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So, I told myself I should read more German books as my skills are getting a bit rusty. So I am buying more German manga (so much more cheaper) but I also want to request some books on the German Netgalley. I just couldn’t resist this adorable looking book about animals! So I got my Google Translate ready just in case, but for most I wanted to try and read this book on my own, without any help.

In this book we travel around the world and on each page we get a question regarding something on that page. Like for instance we learn about Europe’s favourite pets and the question there is which pet do you want the most? Well, to answer your question book, I would love to have cats. But I am allergic. 🙁 I really loved seeing each new question and each new place we visited. And of course, which animals we saw. Also to answer the tooth-brushing question, I am not sure I would want to do either. Haha. Shark or Crocodile… well, I don’t want to lose my limbs. Nope. We really travel all over the world, even the pole caps are mentioned along with some very adorable animals! And I just LOVE that we also time travelled and saw dinosaurs and other animals from long ago.

I loved the illustrations they were so sweet and nice. I liked the style a lot. I also love that the questions and text is done in hand-writing and done with ink.

In the end I barely had to look up words! I am very proud of that. I was thinking maybe it would be harder!

I would highly recommend this fun and fabulous book to all in love with animals and travelling. The questions are really fun and go from favourite animals to counting koalas to being an animal for a day.

Star rating, 5 stars

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