Review for Don’t Turn Out the Lights

Review for Don’t Turn Out the Lights

Don't Turn Out the Lights, Ghost, Shadow, Yellow Font, Children's Books, Short Stories, Horror, Murder, Ghosts, Paranormal, Anthology, Young Adult, Horror, Linda D. Addison, Courtney Alameda, Jonathan Auxier, Gary A. Braunbeck, Z Brewer, Aric Cushing, John Dixon, Tananarive Due, Jamie Ford, Kami Garcia, Christopher Golden, Tonya Hurley, Catherine Jordan, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Alethea Kontis, N.R. Lambert, Laurent Linn, Amy Lukavics, Barry Lyga, D.J. MacHale, Josh Malerman, James A. Moore, Michael Northrop, Micol Ostow, Joanna Parypinksi, Brendan Reichs, Madeleine Roux, R.L. Stine, Margaret Stohl, Gaby Triana, Luis Alberto Urrea, Rosario Urrea, Kim Ventrella, Sheri White, T.J. Wooldridge, Brenna YovanoffA spooky anthology with stories from various pretty well-known authors. I really had fun reading it and flew through the pages.

I have to say that I think it is hilarious how I am not a fan of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark I just love all these tribute books that are popping up. The tribute books do know how to tell a story, don’t just build it up and then suddenly the story is over, and they just weren’t scary. I know I read the book when I was an adult, but hello I grew up with Goosebumps, with Fear Street, with other horror stuff that scared the crap out of me, SStTitD just wasn’t anywhere in the league of those and I know as a kid I would have been really disappointed with it as well.

Back to this book, this one features 35 stories that feature haunted houses, social media and dolls, witches, murder, and much much more. Some of the stories are quite short others are much longer. I definitely loved reading them and with the excerption of a couple stories most felt like complete stories that often scared the wits out of me! Haha, definitely not the book to read at night but that is when I read it. One of my favourite stories would definitely be the Pretty Girls Make Graves, OH BOY. I loved how most of the stories had a scary ending, something to leave you screaming or something that scared the wits out of you.

Oh, and the Green Grabber? That one could have used an extra subtitle (something like x time later at x place), as I thought the story was over after x happened but instead it continued. That had me looking on the internet if something was wrong with my ecopy. But all I could find is that it was correct.

I loved the various authors that participated in this book and was happy to see several names that I recognised.

I do wonder why several stories were about naughty kids and them getting killed/murdered/in trouble/losing their legs for something naughty. I mean every kid does something naughty in their lives. That is how kids are. Even adults can be naughty. Why is it such a bad thing? I mean, given that most of the naughty things meant staying out late or calling someone a jerk it seemed too much, too excessive.

There were at least two stories that really had me wondering why they were added (I may have one or two more but these two really stood out in my eyes). One is the Sam’s closet story and the other is the story about someone rapping on the tent. Both weren’t that scary but were decent to read, but than had the most anticlimatic and horrible ending ever. They are in the midst of all the spookiness, ghosts, whistling in a graveyard, and it just doesn’t feel right to have them in here. I would have rather had two other stories that were scary.

The illustrations varied from OK to WOW to NOPE NOPE NOPE flips Kindle closed. Haha. I really want to check out more of the illustrations by this illustrator.

All in all, if you want some spooky and scary stories? Be sure to check out this book!

Star rating, 4 stars

9 thoughts on “Review for Don’t Turn Out the Lights

  1. I’m not usually a fan of short stories but these sound like a really good mixture.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yay, I hope you enjoy the spooky stories and find some new favourites! Thank you! Let me know if you want more horror recommendations. 🙂

      1. Thank you, I’m sure I will! 😄🎶 And yes, please! I’m always up for horror and spooky recommendations! I’d really appreciate that. 💜

        1. Yay! Good to hear that. Well, let’s see. Darcy Coates, Ambrose Ibsen for authors. Then: Small Spaces series by Katherine Arden, 172 hours on the moon by Johan Harstad, Under Her Black Wings : 2020 Women of Horror Anthology by Jill Girardi (and many other authors). I think this will give you plenty of reading for now, but let me know if you want more! 🙂 Enjoy!

          1. Awesome! Thank you so much for all the wonderful recommendations!! I’ll definitely be checking out these books and authors soon! 💕 I can’t wait to get spooked! 😄

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