Review for Dowry of Blood

Review for Dowry of Blood

Dowry of Blood, Vampires, Dracula, Letters, LGBT, Fantasy, Horror, Brown, Skeletons, Veil, Woman, Dancing, Retelling, Brown, Red, Flowers, BloodI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

So this was one of the books I was HYPED about for 2021, and boy did it deliver, this was a ride and I love love loved it so. I will try to write a review but I am still all dizzy with delight over this book!

This book is about Constanta, she tells us, through letters, all about her life with her lord, Dracula, and all that happened in it. The people she met, the family that was added, the wealth, the darkness, the blood and the sex. I just flew through the book and there wasn’t a moment of boredom.

The book is split in three parts. The first part is all about Constanta, her being found, her being turned into a vampire, and her figuring out how to please her lord, her lover, the one who saved her. In the beginning things are good, but we see that tension and being held at a leash isn’t helping. We see them travel through Europe. Find new houses. Find new places to stay and be safe. I found Constanta a very interesting character and I loved seeing her change throughout the years and centuries that pass by. I have to say I loved all Constanta’s but I was the most hyped about the later Constanta’s given that she finally dares to speak up. Finally dares to stand up. Dares to do things.
The second part is when we meet Magdalena. A wonderful and strong-willed girl with a passion for learning and politics. She is a sweet and sexy girl and I love how quickly Constanta falls for her. Through Constanta’s letters we see Magdalena being turned and we see how the honeymoon years are quite good… but then restrictions happen. The leash is tightened and we see how Magdalena suffers. My heart just broke for the girl, she thought being a vampire meant freedom, meant eternal life of happiness and learning and finding new people. Instead she finds out that she was tricked. I just wanted to give Magdalena a big big hug. I can very much imagine that having such an active life and then being restricted.. that is going to eat you. That will burn you.
And lastly there is the third part in which the last member of the family comes to stage, Alexi. A boy who is destined to be on the stage and was, just like Magdalena lured with the promise of freedom and tons of good times. I really loved Alexi, because unlike our two girls he spoke up, he didn’t fawn like Magdalena when the lord had a bad mood, or hide like our MC Constanta in the shadows. Alexi was so interesting and I loved what he brought to the family. I am happy that he was added to the mix, to the family.

I really loved all the characters and they are all well-written. Yes, even the lord whose name we never get, at least I never saw it pop up, but we know from the blurb it is Dracula. While he was an evil being and while his intentions weren’t always good, he still was a very interesting character to read about. His moods. How he acted around people. What he thought about humans. How he acted and reacted to things. The secrets he kept. At times he seemed like such a gentlemen, really caring about his brides and his groom… but other times you saw a truly evil and dark side.

I loved that this book was letters/notes from Constanta to her lord though not meant to be send, because of things that happened. I mean, I guess it is technically not a spoiler as the beginning really hints to it, but yeah, I will keep it to this. The letters format with her referring to him as You, was a really fun and original way to tell us a story. To tell us about her life with Dracula.

I loved that the vampires didn’t mind if their lovers were girls or boys, they would just kiss and bed them all the same. The sex scenes were well-written and very sexy.

The ending was just so well done, and I loved each bit of it. I was shocked, I was smiling, I was crying, I was rooting for the characters. It was a rollercoaster in a rollercoaster and I love love it. Be prepared!

I also want to mention the amazing cover, though I read this one on my Kindle, I still love how pretty and fitting it is.

The writing style was just so pretty, lyrical and poetic, I loved it.

All in all, I hope that my review isn’t too chaotic, I would highly highly recommend this book to all! I will definitely be buying this book for my collection as I do want to re-read it in a few years. Plus, that cover. It needs to be on my shelves.

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