Review for Haru’s Curse

Review for Haru’s Curse

Haru's Curse, Man, Woman, Urn, Loss, Mourning, Asuka Konishi, Realistic, Josei, Romance, MangaI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I was definitely intrigued by the premise of the book, what kind of curse is Haru’s curse? And why start dating after someone dies? The cover also seemed intriguing, her holding an urn (I am guessing it is that) and both of them looking pretty grim.

Also worth noting this is the two volumes of the series combined into one big bundle!

I will be splitting the review into two parts as it just got way too long with just the first volume. Haha. I just got so many thoughts and sorry if the review gets a bit cluttered/chaotic, but I am just going to go with this as my review.


I loved that we get both POV on things. In the first chapter we meet Natsumi, the older sister. We read about her sister’s death, see Natsumi dating Togo (who dated Haru), we see how Togo and Haru got to dating (arranged), and some other things. While I knew from the blurb that Togo and Natsumi would be dating I was oddly weirded out by it as it just seemed to come out of nowhere and it felt kind of disrespectful. HOWEVER, in the second chapter we get the POV of Togo and we see that he has always been fascinated by Natsumi and not Haru. We see how he gets more and more intrigued as he sees more of her when they are both meeting up at the hospital to visit Haru. We see also the other side of him asking Natsumi to date him and it just made more sense. Still a bit weird, but then again given things were arranged for Togo and he always had an eye for Natsumi it felt different. More fitting. Though I still would have liked him to at least wait a bit, because sorry, just after the funeral.. Mmmmmm..

I liked that her condition was that he takes her to places he had taken her sister. OK, it was again a bit weird, but given her love for her sister it also made sense. Plus, I was definitely curious to see where Togo took Haru.

I loved seeing how both Togo and Natsumi get closer to each other, learn more about each other, but also learn more about Haru. I really loved those conversations and loved seeing both of them learn something about Haru. Plus, they are both showing each other a different side of the world. He is a rich isolated/sheltered guy who has missed out on a lot and Natsumi is a normal girl. I loved seeing them both go to the festival (though sadly we never got to see it for real) which Togo doesn’t know about, and he taking her to a fancy cafe. And so there are other things! Yep, that is right they deviated from their plans, at least for a bit. I also love seeing them both talk about all sorts of things, not just fun things but also serious things like jobs and moving out. About Haru.

We see that both are dealing with guilt. Guilt towards Haru. However, I could easily see that both didn’t per se only feel guilt but also quite liked each other. I guess Natsumi knows and is trying to stop it, while Togo on the other hand never experienced a lot of emotions and doesn’t know that the feelings he has, the little sparks he feels, the way he feels when Natsumi laughs or does something silly, is love or like. I was waiting for him to notice. To find out.

WOW, what a way to end the first volume of this bundle. Not just the conversation that Natsumi and Togo had, which I saw coming but still shocked me. And then what Natsumi finds online. WOW. This could mean a lot of things, it depends on what is mentioned online. Will Natsumi find answers?



OK, that was an interesting way to start, we see more on Haru’s thoughts and that it was Togo who moved her to get to the doctor. Can you imagine if he hadn’t pushed? What would have happened then? I thought this part would be Haru only, but it is actually Natsumi reading the diary! We see that even Haru saw that Natsumi and Togo had something special (though both didn’t know at the time, or well at least Natsumi didn’t haha). While I understand Haru’s feelings on the matter, I did think it was just a bit too much? I mean, I get that you want to be with Togo forever… but it just seems harsh to think the way she did. So you wanted Togo to be yours forever? Never to find a girl? Never marry anyone? That is a bit selfish right? I mean, if I was on my deathbed, or very sick, all I would want is for my husband to find someone else after I died, I wouldn’t want him to be lonely. Of course, it is his choice in the end, but I would definitely make it clear I would be fine with it. I would be sad of course that I can’t be with him forever… but I cannot forbid him or force him or whatever else to never be with someone. That is just harmful.

And we see the effects of how Natsumi feels after reading the diary, her guilt has intensified and my heart just broke for her. She seemed to be doing pretty fine, not wanting to die anymore, and now she was back in that. I just wanted to give her a hug. Tell her not to feel so guilty. To tell her please don’t commit suicide. Please, just find Togo.

In the mean time we see two POV at the same time. Togo who has to start dating again with a girl by the law of his mom (come on just move out already) and we see how he keeps thinking of Natsumi. Keeps thinking that he really lived for those weekends which had me totally swooning and squeeing. My heart broke though what happens not much later. OH MY GOSH. In the mean time Natsumi is doing what she can and trying to continue with her things. We see she is working hard, but that she misses Togo so much.
Oh gosh, I was just crying so much around page 285 to further. That was so emotional, I don’t want to say anything, but this whole book is already emotional, but this definitely broke the dam. I was so sad, but also happy. Because it was a big big thing that was just waiting to happen and holy wow that was so well written.

The ending was just fantastic and boy I am proud of both characters and how far they have come. Together.

I loved that we got some bonus comics and they were really fun and cute to read!

The art of the manga was pretty OK, I liked the style, but the eyes/faces were just a bit too derpy at times for me and distracted from certain scenes were you don’t want to be distracted.

This was an emotional rollercoaster. Loss and love, mourning and guilt, connecting and finding the one for you. It was beautifully written, with fantastic characters who you will root for. I would consider it one of my favourite manga. Highly recommended.

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