Review for Jeanie & Genie #3: Follow Your Art

Review for Jeanie & Genie #3: Follow Your Art

Jeanie and Genie, Blue, Girls, Friendship, Children's Books, Fantasy, Wishes, Humour, Painting, Art, Sparkles, Follow Your Art, Trish Granted, Manuela LópezWishes, art, and plenty of hilarious situations happen in this funny and glittery third book!

I have been trying to spread these out because they are just too much fun but since it won’t be until June (and further on) before the rest appears I didn’t want to go through them too soon. The wait is still long now with it just being March, but at least it isn’t January until June. Haha. 😛

The theme of this book is art! The girls are going to a museum, discover about art, and plan a fun and delightful art fair with all sorts of art made by their classmates. From still lives, paintings, sculptures, papier maché, and more. I really would have loved to see the art fair, we get some pictures of it, but I wanted to see the real deal. Especially when the girls were talking about how vibrant everything was while we only see black/white because the illustrations are that. I think it is a really fun idea of the school to do this kind of activity and kind of wish we had something like that when i was in school.

Of course, as expected, a wish is granted and chaos ensues. Though, I have to say that I actually loved the chaos that happened. It looked so much fun, it is just a shame that it brought a tad too much chaos with it otherwise it would have been fun to just keep it the way it is. I guess that Willow should maybe not make eye contact with people. Given people are very eager to say “I wish…”. It already surprises me things don’t go bonkers more often.

While I don’t really understand Leo’s art or find his that interesting (though I did like what he made in the playground), I do think it is fun he keeps making new projects and finding new things. I do hope that he realises that not everyone is going to see the art in his art.

I am so happy for Willow at the end! Congrats! I was already wondering when that would happen!

To close because this review is getting longer, I love the friendship between Jeanie and Willow, I love seeing the wishes, I like the whole idea of genies and seeing badges being earned, I love the art (it is so cute and fun), I love that each character has their own font, I love how this book makes me smile. I would highly recommend this series to all.

Star rating, 5 stars

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