Review for Night of the Zombie Zookeeper

Review for Night of the Zombie Zookeeper

Night of the Zombie Zookeeper, Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol, Book 4, Zombies, Zoo, Animals, Humour, Children's Books, Humour, Andrés Miedoso, Victor Rivas, Boys,The fourth book in the series and this time zoos and zoooooommmbbbiees!

I still should get to reading the third book, for some reason I missed getting that one. No clue how. But this series is relatively good to read without reading the earlier books. OK, I would recommend reading at least book 1 so you know how Desmond and Andres became friends and how the Ghost Patrol was started, but other than that, read on!

In this one the boys (and their class) are going to the zoo. I love it, I am a big fan of zoos and boy I miss them so much. Normally my hubby and I visit a zoo at least 3 or 4 times a year… but last year with Covid that was zero. sighs So this book was definitely a treat especially with the amount of fun illustrations featuring all zoo things. It was like I was with the boys in the zoo. YAS!
But the zoo isn’t just a zoo, haha, it wouldn’t be Desmond Cole if he didn’t find something spooky somewhere. And this time that is a zombie zookeeper. Yep! You read that one right, a zombie zookeeper.

You can just imagine that Desmond and Andres are after it and trying to find out all about it. I had fun seeing the boys search for the zookeeper and follow him. I loved the zookeeper and it was great fun to see what he was doing that, well, normal people can’t. Like cleaning the seals habitat windows underwater without scuba gear, or just casually brushing a hippo teeth and even flossing it. I loved finding out more about him and despite them not talking to the zookeeper I had a good feeling that this guy was a good zombie. Not one to feast on humans, just a zombie happy to be in a zoo.

The ending was a delight and made me just smile so much.

The art? Fantastic once again. The style is wonderful, I love how well the expressions of Andres are captured, and more.

I need to continue reading this series! Soon! I don’t want to fly through the series in one go, haha. Recommended to all, zombies and zoos, what could go wrong?

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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