Review for No Country Vol.1

Review for No Country Vol.1

No Country, Family, War, Graphic Novel, Patrice Aggs, Joe BradyI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

NOTE: While the book doesn’t specify it this is the FIRST volume. I wasn’t too happy when I found out that this was just the first part. I thought this was a complete story. Would be nice if that was listed somewhere…. but noo… It just ends with a to be continued. sighs

This story is about a country in which things go worse and worse. There is war, the mother has already fled to make a path for her family. The kids try to make the best of the situation… but it isn’t easy when you are hungry and afraid so many times. We see the situation go from bad to worse to OMG…. My heart broke for this family and for the people they knew. The family knew that they had to wait for the mom to get visas, but the question was… could they wait that long? The author did a great job at writing the story. In the beginning we see just bits and pieces, but as the story continues we see that things are just falling apart. There are threats. There is the army and others with guns. Food is scarce. We see that things have been going on for a while as Bea doesn’t know what leftovers are, doesn’t know ice cream cars, doesn’t know many things and was quite surprised at all her dad told her. That definitely shocked me, in my eyes it seemed it had been going on for a bit but it didn’t feel that it was years. I am quite curious to see how things started, maybe a prequel?

I wasn’t a fan of Bea. I found her annoying and frustrating. I know it is war and she is trying to get through things, but she did some stuff that had me shaking my head. Your sister trusted you with the sister code, and you just did that. No. And there are other things. I did love her love for art/drawing and loved seeing her drawings. Her older sister and her younger brother were much better characters. My heart broke for Dommy since he thinks his mom is a tablet. 🙁

While the kids (well, maybe not Hannah) are pretty oblivious to what dad does… I think I got a clue on what his job is in these days. Which had me worried for him quite often. Of course, I am not 100%, but given how he acted, how he kept hiding things, how Bea came to find a meeting going on in her house…

The ending, OH MAN, I need more. I want to know if the girls get to safety, if their dad is still safe. Will they be able to get to their mum?

The art.. not always my cup of tea, sadly.

But all in all, this was a good graphic novel and I am glad I had the chance to read it.

Star rating, 4 stars

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