Review for One To Watch

Review for One To Watch

One To Watch, Kate Stayman-London, Romance, Humour, Reality Show, Girl, Cameras, Plus-size, Dress, Ring,Reality shows, a kick-ass MC, romance, and more!

Well, what I normally said about liking reality shows but only in books, has definitely changed over the years. These days I like to watch some moderation of reality show, though most of those shows I drop after a few episodes. Haha, I guess I am still not fully loving reality shows unless they are books. XD

In this book we meet Bea who has a fashion blog (and she loves fashion so so much) and also some big opinions on many things. Thanks to one of those opinions she gets the offer to be the newest (and first plus-size) Main Squeeze. A show in which a man or a woman get to date a pool of men/women and find love. And since Bea has had terrible luck in love this may just be an opportunity for her. I really loved Bea throughout the story and while at the beginning of MS I wasn’t always so happy as she closed herself off. Though I could understand given how some of the men were, but I still wished she was more kinder to those who were kind to her. I am glad that later on the show she opened up more and started to have some really fun moments and dates. She really started to enjoy the show. Opening up to the men she was interested in, talking to them about everything, and more.

The show was really fun, though typical of a reality show, there were twists and turns, villains, and many other things. While I didn’t agree with all the twists and turns, they did things a bit more juicy and entertaining. And no, I am not talking about the fatphobia parts (those were horrible), but more the parts on where to go to dates, the various things that were set up, and other things.
I really loved seeing the show get better and better and I loved seeing the guys go on dates with Bea.

My favourite would be Asher, while he was a bit cold/hot I still was hoping that Bea and Asher would go together. They fitted so well together!

I loved reading about Bea’s wardrobe and loved all the items that were chosen specially for her.

I love loved that next to normal story we also got to see mails, tweets, messages, scripts, and more. It made the book so much more fun to read. I loved seeing what people thought of the show, or see scripts of things happening, or read tweets.

At times things were hard to read, because of the fatphobia that was so big. It was horrific to see how people thought of Bea or people who, like her, were plus-sized. HOLY CRAP. Then again, I have seen that also happen in real life. 🙁 People should be kinder. Less focussed on how someone looks. 😐

But… the fear that Ray would be added somewhere, or that she may end with him, did make the book a bit less fun for me. I was constantly on the look out for a twist, or for him to force his way into things. I even considered going to the last chapter and see who she ends with. In the end I still rate the book 5 stars because of everything else, but Ray definitely made me consider 4 stars instead of 5. I would have loved to see that character handled better. To be fair, I think I would rather have him totally out of the equation.

Luc…. urgh, he just reminded me a bit too much of one of my exes. Slimy, a weasel, always ready with sweet compliments and the likes…. but also plenty of cheating. And sorry, but people who cheat don’t stop… I got back to my ex some time after he cheated on me and guess what a few weeks later I walked into him and a girl I knew kissing and hugging… yup. . Luc was also kind at times and seemed genuine, but I just never once trusted him and was hoping that Bea wouldn’t choose him.

The ending WAS PERFECT AND YES I CRIED. Also yes, I had to put that in caps. Haha. The ending was just the best and I was squeeing in delight. I won’t say more. Read to find out.

All in all, I could probably talk more and more about more about this book, but I will keep it to this. I really enjoyed this book and I flew through it. There were some things I didn’t like, but in overall I liked this book too much and had to give it a 5 stars. Recommended.

Star rating, 5 stars

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