Review for Ossan Idol?! Even at 36, It’s Never Too Late!, Vol. 2

Review for Ossan Idol?! Even at 36, It’s Never Too Late!, Vol. 2

Ossan Idol?! Even at 36 It's Never Too Late!, Vol. 2, Mochiko Mochida, Idols, Middle-aged, Weight Loss, Manga, Singing, Dancing, Sports, Men, Outfit, GreenI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

The second volume in the Ossan Idol?! series and the boys get the chance to become true idols! I really loved that someone noticed them, that someone saw their potential and didn’t wait. They just grabbed their chance and went with it! I had a big big laugh about the boys and their reactions to the contract, but also to how their new boss reacts and acts, and how they all know they are old, ossan! I love finding out THAT about Yoichi, I hadn’t expected that but that fits him to a T. And we also find out that Shiju has met him through that! Wow, these three are made to be idols!

I loved seeing the guys figure out a name to their group (which turned out to be very simple, but I like it), go to photoshoots, radio shows, and so much more. I was definitely loving all of it and rooting for my ossan boys! Go go! Though I also had a giggle at things because these idols still act like normal middle-aged dudes! Plus, seeing them write a song and see their reactions, I was laughing so hard! They are working so hard and I am so happy for them. I would definitely go to a show of them if I could. Mm, how to step into a manga. Mmmm. thinks

I am so happy for Fumi that she got to be manager! She will make a great manager and I am rooting for her~ On the note of Fumi, it seems she likes Miroku and Miroku kind of likes her. While one side is oblivious (Miroku), Fumi is definitely interested. I cannot wait for the moment when she figures out who her hero actually is. Teehee.

Mr. Lavender is such a great character. I love how eccentric he is!

Urgh, I am not happy to see that dude from Osaki’s last work around again. Really, dude, who cares that he was fat? I don’t get why this would be a big deal, I don’t get why it would damage a photoshoot? I am guessing this is a Japan thing? I do hope that co-worker dude just shoves off and disappears. 😐

OMG, why does it have to end on a cliffhanger? ARGH, now I want volume 3! Please! Bring it out! Plus, I want to see how my guys are doing, because they are so sparkly and awesome~

Ohh, we get a short story with someone going on dates and what the boys said during the date + we get a Let’s Decide on the cover which just had me laughing so hard! OMG, guys!

All in all, I loved this volume. I loved how much sparkles there were, how hard the boys worked, how much fun they had, and finding out several things about the guys as the story continued!

Star rating, 4 stars

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