Review for Scary Stories to Tell if You Dare (1-3)

Review for Scary Stories to Tell if You Dare (1-3)

Scary Stories to Tell if You Dare, Joe Oliveto, Window, Shadow, Horror, Short Stories, Scary, Ghosts, SpookyA series of book with scary, spooky, haunting tales! I really enjoyed reading them, though some scared the poop out of me. Haha.

These books are a tribute to Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Well, I can honestly tell you that this tribute is MILES better than the book it pays tribute to. See my review on Goodreads for that book. I just wasn’t a fan of those stories. I can tell you that slightly put me off from this one when I found out about them, but I decided to give it a shot because this was a tribute, written by someone else.

Scary Stories to Tell if You Dare 2, Joe Oliveto, Forest, Woods, Horror, Ghosts Short StoriesAnd indeed, good choice to me, because while these stories also featured some things I didn’t like in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (like sudden endings or weird crap happening without any idea what is going on), most of them scared the wits out of me. Well, with the exception of a few that just had me feeling very sad. A few stories were a recognisable, probably because I read them in other books or heard about them. One especially stood out, the clown in the basement. Haha, last year (or was it that year before, really COVID messes with my mind) I read a Dutch book about that same story. That one was way more worked out and if I had to pick between the story here or that book, I would go for the book.

The stories are all short, just a few pages each, but the author often manages to make it very creepy, spooky, or eerie. Some stories definitely had me looking around when I saw a shadow or thought I saw something move. Yes, I read this one during the late evening, so maybe not the brightest idea, but I thought since this one was a tribute… maybe it wouldn’t be scary. Haha, on the contrary, this author CAN write.

Scary Stories to Tell if You Dare 3, Joe Oliveto, Horror, Shadows, Ghosts, Short StoriesThe stories feature dead moms searching for milk, black-eyed kids (NOPE), monsters that swoop in at night, killers (so many killers, really at times I just wanted ghosts back), blood, gore, revenge, scary ghosts, footprints, people standing in corners and staring at you in the night, eggs in things so thank you I won’t be eating things now, lost kids, pranks go wrong, clowns, hide and seek, and many many more things! We get stories from the past and the present and in-between. I loved the diversity in the stories and that you never knew what would be next!

The illustrations (if you would call them that) ranged from creepy to spooky to yawn and weird. Sometimes just made me laugh.

All in all, this is a series I would recommend. Spooky times are here!

Book 1: Star rating, 4.5 stars || Book 2: Star rating, 4.5 stars || Book 3: Star rating, 4 stars

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