Review for She’s My Knight, Vol.1

Review for She’s My Knight, Vol.1

She's My Knight, Vol.1 Girl, Boy, Romance, Humour, Height Differences, Cute, Manga, SaisouI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

This was a hilarious and funny manga! I already was hoping for that based on the blurb and on the cover, but it was even funnier than I had thought!

Meet Ichinose, a popular boy, very shiny and dashing… but one problem.. the girl he likes is even more dashing them him, and OMG 12 centimetres taller (though according to a friend that is just perfect for kissing, which made me laugh so hard). The manga is him trying to do dashingly princely things to impress her, but it always ends in her dashingly rescuing him. Which had me in stitches, though I have to be honest at times I wished that he had a moment of spotlight!

He is also a big big tsundere and has a hard time saying his feelings, instead opting for grumbling and blushing and quickly turning x into y when someone questions it. It is quite adorable and really, while at times I could see him as a dashing prince… mostly I saw him as a cute princess vying for the hand of the dashing prince. I am not alone in thinking this, haha, oh no. His friends and classmates, and even later a teacher, all think that Ichinose is more suited as the heroine. And Mogami? The hero. I do like that, despite how often it ends up totally different than his fantasies, he keeps going.

I am glad that we also saw flashes of something else in Mogami. Don’t get me wrong, I love the princely girl types, but sometimes it just gets too much for me. And that is the problem I had with Mogami. Then again, she doesn’t always seem to know she does it. And there are apparently items (like a prince costume) that make her go all out… but when the item is removed she doesn’t remember a thing. Yep. So I was happy to see her act cute, see her ask Ichinose for help. See her be afraid of something. It shows that there is a whole different Mogami, and one I like much more than over the top glittery Mogami. Also, she is so clueless. I mean, I am clueless, but this girl definitely wins top prize with how clueless she is about things. At times I just felt sorry for Ichinose.

I love that these two are slowly getting closer. I mean Ichinose is in love from the start… but, and I don’t see this as a spoiler because hello this is a romance manga, we see Mogami is slowly figuring out that she has feelings as well.

The ending was cute and good, but also made me go NOOOOOO, because I just want to continue reading now! I need to know more! ARGH!

The art is really well done and I just love how the characters were drawn. Ichinose’s blushes are just the best~

All in all, if you like princely girls and dashing guys and lots of misunderstandings, height problems and humour, be sure to try this one out.

Star rating, 4 stars

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