Review for Star⇄Crossed!!, Vol. 1

Review for Star⇄Crossed!!, Vol. 1

Star⇄Crossed!!, Vol. 1, Junko, Humour, Switching Bodies, Idol, Fangirl, Girl, Boy, Yellow, Romance, Manga, Cute, GodI received this manga from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I am quite a fan of Junko’s work (still really need to get on with reading Kiss Him not Me) and so I was delighted when I bumped against this one on Netgalley. I just had to click request!

Meet fangirl Azusa, she LOVE LOVE LOVES Chika-kun of the idol group: Prince 4 U! One day during a concert (also who the hell needs cutlery or something for their car when they have no car, seriously I get loving an idol but that was just weird) she saves his life and dies along with him. That sucks right? Save your idol but die as well? Well, thankfully God is there and sends them back… with a few malfunctions. Like switching bodies. Haha. Yep. Though I was a bit sad given that the blurb specifies that they have to kiss to switch back/forth, but actually they haven’t found out the one ingredient to switch back or figured out why they keep changing bodies. Yep, they just randomly change bodies (or would that mean soul?). I had quite a laugh at how it randomly seemed to happen and how they were trying to figure out what was going on. God definitely not helped, just sent them messages that they were working on it. In the mean time Chika-kun doesn’t make such a fuss about being in Azusa’s body while Azusa goes full fangirl mode.

I wasn’t always a fan of Azusa. While I liked Chika-kun immediately as he was very likeable and sparkly and fun, and stayed relatively calm despite now being in a girl’s body. Whereas Azusa was just too much for me. Her fangirling was just borderline, no wait, skip that, over the line creepy. I mean seriously, she keeps having a nosebleed and says all sorts of things that just creeped me out. Yes, girl, you are in the body of your favourite idol, but eww, no just no. I was already happy that she had respect for him in a way, aka not immediately stripping him. She respected that line at least. I seriously thought she would just strip out Chika-kun’s clothes for a chance to see him (or herself in this case) naked. I am glad that at times we also saw another Azusa, but yeah, the fangirl Azusa can just leave the premise for all I care. Or tone down. A lot.

But I guess it does help that the one you change bodies with knows your songs and movements. Though there is still enough that shows people there is something wrong with Chika-kun. But she tries and I like that. It mustn’t be easy going from normal school girl to idol with just a poof.

I am glad with the ending and I had quite a laugh how that person eventually believed our duo. That is one way to get someone to believe. Haha, I cannot wait to see what this will mean for our duo, will this make things easier?

I am not sure how I felt about the portrayal of God as an idiot/clumsy old man. I mean, I am religious and I am open for some things, but this just felt a bit too much at time, especially with how angry they got at him and kept cursing at him (which to be fair is fair but it just got on the wrong side for me).

The bonus manga was fun, but for someone who hasn’t read the whole Kiss Him Not Me series it was quite confusing.

All in all, I really laughed and enjoyed this first volume. Yes, there were things I didn’t particularly like… but in overall good volume. Interesting premise. I like that it isn’t just kissing, because frankly that just isn’t original and can get very cringy. I liked the art, especially the boys. Junko is good at drawing boys! 🙂 I cannot wait for the next volume!

Star rating, 4 stars

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