Review for The Mysterious and Amazing Blue Billings

Review for The Mysterious and Amazing Blue Billings

The Mysterious and Amazing Blue Billings, Black and Blue, Book 1, Blue Guy, Suit, Ghosts, Haunted HOuse, LGBT, ROmance, Sex, Lily MortonI received this book from Gay Romance Reviews Tours in exchange of an honest review.

I was totally hyped by the second book and requested the first book as well. I mean, ghosts? Haunted houses? And add to that some LGBT romance with sexy scenes? UM HELLO? Why is this book not yet in my hands? Hello?

This book is about two characters, Levi and Blue. One has inherited a fancy house with well… some deadly ghosts. The other runs ghost walks and is psychic. These two guys don’t know it yet, but they are going to get together. Haha. I really loved reading from both of the characters and learning all about them. We see that Levi just lost his mom and on top of that broke off a relationship of 5 years (because his boyfriend was a cheating dick). Blue has a past full of darkness, prostitution, poverty, and more.

While I was very happy that they didn’t get a relationship immediately, it was at times a bit too much of a slow burn along with some things that should just have been talked (or kissed I am OK with both) out. Sooner. Haha. But yes, in overall I am happy that they didn’t get together immediately. Because Levi is still mourning, and Blue has his past and how he lives now to deal with. But I really loved seeing them get closer. Get more eager to be together. Share kisses that got very steamy. And then when they finally got together and sex happened, oh lord I was just squeeing in absolute delight because these two are clearly meant to be. I found the sex scenes well written and the romance adorable. YEs, I was definitely shouting at my kindle (and this time not because it is a worthless piece of machinery but because I wanted them to share some more hot kisses).

Next to relationships and dealing with the past, we also got a very spooky thing going on. I was curious if it was possible to be both a horror/ghost story with romance. I can tell you honestly that the author found the perfect balance and that it worked. It worked really well. Levi’s house is haunted and something is not happy with him there. We see our guys try to figure out what the hell is going on while not dying of fright or because the ghost (or ghosts) are killing them. It was really spooky to read and at times I had a lovely dose of goosebumps! Doors opening, screams sounding, blood dripping, shadows instead of facing, and more! I loved the mystery of who the ghost was, but also the mystery of why Rosalind killed her brother. And what we find, OH MAN, it was sooooo good. The ending to the haunted house story was exciting and scary and I was just curling up under my blankets.

Tom was a wonderful man and I am delighted that he and Blue got the chance to connect. That Tom can help out Blue with certain things that Blue’s mom couldn’t do for him. I loved their relationship and I loved how the old man is cantankerous as hell, but has a very soft and warm heart. Throughout the story we see that he sees Blue as family and that he cares about him a lot.

Rosalind. Well, I really liked her. Sure, there is that whole thing about having murdered someone, but throughout the book she just seems sweet, protective, and she cleans the house. Yes, really. She warns the boys when things go down. She is a really great characters (though really, reading the descriptions about her face, NOPE).

The ending had me smiling and I am happy for the decisions made by both the characters. We get a very extensive (YAS) epilogue in which we see how the characters are doing now. I am glad that Blue decided to do that and I fully understand it. I am happy he and Levi are still happily together and enjoying tons of fun things together.

All in all, this book was spooky, sometimes scary, other times very hot and steamy, and mostly very cute and it brought a big smile to my face. At the moment of writing it is 26-3 and I am planning on reading the next book as soon as I got some time. I cannot wait to see what will happen to Levi and Blue in that one. And I would highly recommend this one!

Star rating, 5 stars

Some of the quotes I really loved:

“He shakes his head. “Oh, lovely. So, I’m never going to get laid in my house again because of cockblocking ghosts”
“Not unless you fancy dying horribly.”

“Don’t forget it’s a Grade Tow listed house.”
“What does that mean?”
“You’re restricted in what you can do to the exterior.”
“So, no painting it yellow with purple stripes?”
“Leave that to your underwear, lad,” he says wryly.

“His abashed expression is fucking adorable. “Sorry, Rosalind,” he whispers. “Can I call her Rosalind?” he asks, looking at me. “Should I call her ‘ma’am?”
I shrug, trying not to laugh. “What’s the worst that could happen?”
He blinks. “Erm, she could murder me in my sleep?”
“Oh that,” I say.

The old man shrugs. “Of course you can see her.”
“How did you know? How could you tell?” The words topple out of me. “Can you tell from just looking at me that I can do that?”
“I am psychic, not fucking Merlin,” he says grumpily. “Of course you can see her. You were properly staring at the poor old bat.”
“Fucking hell,” I say again.

“Sage. You light the end of it and walk through the house burning it.”
“Why? Is that some sort of dark art ritual? Oh, will Levi and I have to get naked?” I ask enthusiastically.
“God help me,” he breathes. “No it’s not a satanic ritual. It cleanses the house. You need to do that until you’re a bit more confident about your abilities.”

I shake my head. “I don’t know, but I think we need to something.”
“Would that something be to drink ourselves silly?”
I snort. “That sounds very attractive, but no. We’re going to do some smudging.”
“We’re going to do some whatting? Is that some sort of sexual kink I’ve never heard of?”

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