Review for To Carnival! : A Celebration in St Lucia

Review for To Carnival! : A Celebration in St Lucia

To Carnival!: A Celebration in St Lucia, Colourful, Carnival, Picture Book, Grass, Sun, Colours, Children's Books, Baptiste Paul, Jana GlattI received this book from Edelweiss+ in exchange of an honest review.

Normally I don’t request at Edelweiss+ as it is just too difficult and the review copies that I can just download are ones often found on NetGalley. But this one I couldn’t find on NG so I had to pick it up during my very rare visit to Edelweiss+. I could use a party. A celebration. My birthday is coming up, but with corona and lockdown I am sure it won’t be as colourful and festive as normal. So here I am reading this book 3 days before my birthday (Feb 5th!).

This book is about a girl named Melba who wants to go to the carnival! She has designed some clothes and is eager to see her band win! But she will have to get to the carnival first which is when things did get a bit weird. Why didn’t they wake her up? Why didn’t anyone tell her? Then she decides to take the bus and from that moment I wasn’t sure to feel frustration or see the fun in it. I don’t know, if someone kept saying reeeeellaaaxx to me while I was eager and excited to go somewhere I would probably shove a banana in their mouth to make them shut up. Sorry, but I am not a fan of people who think people should just chill and relax and constantly say the same catchphrase.

But seeing the parade of people going to the carnival grow and grow was fun! It became a bit of a counting game and I quite like it when books add that. Counting made fun!

The art was also fabulous, I love how bright and colourful it was. How the images just came to life.

Lastly, we get some information on pronunciation, what is carnival, and some other things. I am very happy that this was added.

But yeah, I would have liked to actually see the carnival…. . It was a cute book, but I just felt like it missed something, and again, people going reeeellaaaxx, please, no.

Star rating, 2.5 stars

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