Review for Young Bride’s Story Vol.4

Review for Young Bride’s Story Vol.4

Young Bride's Story, Vol.4, Twins, Girls, Marriage, Wedding Plans, Manga, Kaoru Mori, Historical FictionThe fourth volume and this time Smith gets stuck in a village, we meet twins Leyli and Layla as they try to get married.

It’s been a while since I read this series, I keep forgetting about it despite it being a great read every time! I guess I should really get to buying one volume each month! Will be starting with that in April as I kind of went through my March budget already (I always buy a stack of books from Amazon each month at the beginning of the month).

In this book we see very little of Smith, most of the book is focussed on the cute girls, twins, that you see on the cover. I just loved Leyli and Layla! They were absolutely adorable and I love that they had their own will. They weren’t going to be put off by anything. I loved how dedicated they were to finding a husband and made up all sorts of plots to get a man (including one that involved throwing a fish at a rich looking man to get him in the river and then to save him). Of course, the plots all go awry, and the girls’ father isn’t amused by their antics. Haha. I laughed so hard at all the things these girls got up to. I do love though that they were so eager to get married. They don’t look very old, 15/16, but I guess that is old enough for them to want to get married.

And so we meet Sami and Sam (or Samaan and Farsaami but everyone shortens their names). Two boys who look very much like each other. They are a bit like Layla and Leyli in the way that they want freedom and keep their dreams. However unlike the girls they aren’t that into marrying. But arrangements are made and I just loved how they decided to go on dates. That was just so adorable to see and I loved seeing that the pairing that the dad made actually work. I don’t really see it as a spoiler, I mean the marriage is arranged and all that, they just need to figure out which girl to match with which brother. I loved the dates. I mean, they aren’t like the dates that we know. These dates involve climbing trees and fishing. I loved the banter between the brothers and the sisters and I loved seeing them get closer each day.

I had such a laugh at the 22nd chapter as that one was kind of like a bootcamp just for the girls to get ready for their wedding. Yes, these girls are a tad lazy and mom doesn’t just want to let them go without making sure they are fine. Making sure that they can handle things and know what to pass on should they get children. The ending of this chapter definitely had me in tears. Awww~

I am a bit sad that we didn’t see a lot of Smith in this one, hopefully next volume will feature some more of his journeys (and hopefully he doesn’t get stuck helping out villages as he does in this one).

I loved seeing Yusuf, Karluk, and Amira again! So happy that things are going well for them. I am quite curious if we will see more of Pariya and the boy she may be going to marry.

All in all, I love loved this volume and I will be getting another one soon!

Star rating, 5 stars

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