Teaser Tuesday ~ Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Teaser Tuesday ~ Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Scarlet, Lunar Chronicles #2, Marissa Meyer, Fairy tales, Retelling, Sci-fi, Young Adult, Cinder, Red Riding Hood, Wolf, Romance, Multiple POV, Fantasy, Red Cape
I flipped through the book and stopped at a random page, this turned out to be page 201.

It wasn’t until he started walking again that Scarlet released a captured breath. They’d been walking for hours without sign of another train, a cross-section of tracks, or civilization. On one hand, it was beautiful here – the fresh air, the wildflowers, the critters that came to the edge of the brush to watch Scarlet and Wolf before scurrying back into the ferns.
But on the other hand, her feet and back were sore, her stomach was growling, and now Wolf was telling her that the less loveable creatures of the forest were prowling nearby.

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