Waiting on Wednesday ~ Prom House by Chelsea Mueller

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Prom House by Chelsea Mueller

Evening all!

Welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday! This week I am eagerly waiting (can it be May already?) for Prom House by Chelsea Mueller!

I just love the cover and I love the blurb, the book sounds and gives me vibes of the old Fear Street or Point Horror books. Prom, murder, secrets, and one killer! Oh yas. I wonder who will survive (the killer or someone else) and what secrets people are keeping. It sounds like a book I will be reading curled up on my armchair during the late evening! I am also so happy that Underlined (a new publisher/line) for me is bringing this one out in paperback and apparently is playing on bringing out more paperbacks for books. I just love it when books come out in paperback only or immediately.

Prom House, Chelsea Mueller, Murder, Secrets, Thriller, Horror, Murder, Party, Prom, House, Palm Trees, RipsWhat happens when the best night of your life turns into the worst? Full of menace and suspense, this is an unputdownable thriller–and a trade paperback original!
Ten people share a prom house at the Jersey Shore for the weekend. Every one of them has a secret . . . and when they begin to die one by one, panic ensues. Could somebody’s prom date also be . . . a killer?

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