What I Hope To Read April 2021

What I Hope To Read April 2021

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Welcome to a new What I Hope To Read! It is time to show you guys what books I hope/would like to try to read in April 2021!

The months sure are flying by… though at times it feels never-ending. Haha. I am quite happy that April is almost here. Time for Easter! Time for more spring and warmer days. Time for more light. And hopefully April also brings with it that the damned lockdown is gone. 😐

This month I got quite a lot of book that I would love to try out. I am superhyped about The Last Kids on Earth (short stories) and regels van Floor. I can’t wait to get my hands on both these books. Other than those two, I get plenty of other things I am looking forward to. Some thrillers, some romance, some humour. I am sad that the newest book by Maureen Johnson (Box in the Woods) was delayed to June! cries I have been looking out for that book for months… I CANNOT WAIT LONGER. coughs Sorry for that. 😛

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