Blog Tour ~ Books on the Hill Open Dyslexia Project + Reviewing At Midnight I Will Steal Your Soul by John Llewellyn Probert

Blog Tour ~ Books on the Hill Open Dyslexia Project + Reviewing At Midnight I Will Steal Your Soul by John Llewellyn Probert

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A big happy welcome to the Tour for Books On the Hill: Open Dyslexia Project! When I got the invite for the tour I knew I had to sign up. I find it very important that everyone is able to read books and so I fully support people making projects to help people with dyslexia so they can read more easily. Most of it however is for kids/teens (like in my country we have children/YA books with special dyslexia font so that things are easier to read), so I am delighted that someone is also working on making books available for adults with dyslexia. If you want to support this venture I would recommend checking out the Kickstarter which has some amazing things along with information on the other books for this project.

First I got a review for you for one of the books mentioned for this project (rated 4 stars) and next after that I got tons of information on the project.


At Midnight I Will Steal Your Soul, John Llewellyn Probert, Shadow, Green, Hallway, Asylum, Hospital, Choir, Scary, horror, novellaI received this book from RandomThingsTours in exchange of an honest review.

I was very hyped about this book as it sounds right up my alley. Haha, I am really in the mood for something spooky and creepy these months so this was a welcome addition to my reading pile.

In this one Lynda gets an invite to sing in a choir at a psychiatric hospital, you know, I would have said a big fat nope, but Lynda is OK with it seemingly. The book starts off pretty normal though you do feel that there is something darker lurking in the corners, something dangerous. The choir practice seems to go all right… but then things go real dark and boy I didn’t expect the direction it went in, but I quite like it!

I am not sure how I felt about Lynda (whose name I keep writing as Linda). In the beginning she was so meek and went with many things, so I was proud of her that she stood her ground when faced with something scary as hell. I am not too sure about her decision in the end, and it made me wonder if the demon/whatever it was went in her or not, because she turned a whole 180 degrees from what she was in the beginning.

The book is very short (novella size), but I have to say it worked out perfectly story-wise. We get some backstory on the character, learn about the asylum/psychiatric hospital and that something lurks there and that apparently things went wrong, the ending was also an interesting one and one I didn’t see coming, we get to know the MC. For such a short story it is packed!

Since I read this one on my Kindle I cannot say if this was dyslexia friendly or not. The spacing between the sentences was wider, but I have seen that happen in other books as well on my Kindle that weren’t Dyslexia friendly. The font seemed the same as it was for all my Kindle reads.

All in all, if you are looking for a spooky story I would recommend this one.

Star rating, 4 stars

About Books on the Hill + Kickstarter Project

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BOTH Publishing
By Books on the Hill

Our Kickstarter Starts April 2nd 2021
Making exciting good quality fiction accessible to a minority group currently not provided for by today’s UK traditional mass book market and providing a new tool for booksellers to use in their drive to increase diversity and inclusion.

Who Are We Working With
We have been so fortunate that many great authors have agreed to contribute to this project. All are brilliant authors and are names I am sure you will recognise.
Stan Nicholls, who has been a great support to me particularly with my PhD. He is the author of many novels and short stories but is best known for the internationally acclaimed Orcs: First Blood series.
Steven Savile, the fantasy, horror and thriller writer, now lives in Stockholm whose father is a customer of our bookshop.
The horror duo that is Thana Niveau and John Llewellyn Probert, both well established and engaging authors and also residents of Clevedon.
Adrian Tchaikovsky is an Arthur Clark Award winner and best known for his series Shadows of the Apt, and for his novel Children of Time.
Steven Poore is the highly acclaimed fantasy writer who I first met on my first fantasy convention in Scarborough.
We finish the Magnificent Seven with Joel Cornah, who also has dyslexia, and with whom I participated in a podcast on dyslexia for the Clevedon Literature 2020 ‘Festival in the Clouds’.

How To Get involved
We are launching a Kickstarter beginning in April 2nd 2021 for 30 days, with the focus on paying for the printing of our books and giving us starting capital to continue to print more titles.
There will be many ways you can be involved in this. You can contribute on the Kickstarter website itself. There will be a number of different options of donating money, in which you will receive rewards, such as ebooks of a title or a paperback of one or more of the titles to be published. In addition a unique reward from authors who are contributing to the project.
You can still contribute outside the kickstarter. We are happy to receive your help in the shop, where we will have a donation box available.

The Project
Books on the Hill is passionate about helping people who have dyslexia, or have any difficulty with reading, to access the joy of good fiction. There are great books out now for children with dyslexia, with specialist publishers like Barrington Stokes and mainstream publishers such as Bloomsbury doing their part. However, there are sadly very few books for adults with Dyslexia in traditional mass market publishing.
Dyslexia is a learning difference that primarily affects reading and writing skills. The NHS estimates that up to 1 in every 10 people in the UK have some form of dyslexia, while other dyslexic organisations believe 1 in 5 and more than 2 million people in the UK are severely affected.
Dyslexia does not stop someone from achieving. There are many individuals who are successful and are dyslexic. Famous actors, such as Orlando Bloom; Entrepreneurs like Theo Paphitis, and many, many more, including myself. All of who believe dyslexia has helped them to be where they are now. Dyslexia, though, as I can attest to, does not go away. You don’t grow out of it, and so we are acknowledging that and trying to without being patronising, create a selection of books that will be friendly to people who deal with dyslexia every day.
Since we started the project in 2019, Books on the Hill have had many adults customers with dyslexia come in shop the asking for something accessible to read. For example, one customer asked if we stocked well known novels in a dyslexic friendly format. Unfortunately we had to say no, as they just don’t exist. We explained what we are trying to achieve by printing our own and she replied:
“I have been reading [children dyslexic] books but they are a bit childish so am really happy I have found your company!! Thanks so much again and thank you for making such a helpful and inclusive brand – it means a lot. “
This response is not isolated. We have had many adults come in to the shop with dyslexia, who do not read or struggle to read and they they believe dyslexic friendly books would have real impact on their reading for pleasure.

The Team
Books on the Hill is Alistair Sims. He is the manager and commander-in-chief of the bookshop (though his partner, Chloe and his mother, Joanne, who set up the bookshop with him, may disagree with this description ). Alistair is dyslexic and has a PhD in history and archaeology. Alistair could not read until he was 13 and is passionate about helping anyone who has difficulty reading. He is the driving force behind BOTH Press and has been involved in every step in this project, from finding award winning authors to contribute, the cover design, and the road to publication, including setting up for distribution.
Books on the Hill are collaborating with Chrissey Harrison, who is also an local author and member of North Bristol Writers Group. Chressey and Alistair have designed the book-covers together, with Chrissey creating the finished product we now look on at awe with. Nearly all the design work has been done by Chrissey, and she is also in charge of the printing process, typesetting. We are so proud and appreciative to be working with her.
Special mention must go to Harrison Gates, who runs Nine Worthy, and who has dedicated his time and expertise to produce our print catalogue for us free of cost.
Joanne Hall is an author, editor and formerly the Chair of BristolCon, Bristol’s premier (and only) science fiction and fantasy convention. We must give a huge thank you to Jo for proof reading the stories free of cost.
Vicky Brewster has edited all the new stories by the authors. She specialises in editing and beta reading long-form fiction. Vicky is a great professional editor.

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