Book Haul April 2021

Book Haul April 2021

Afternoon all!

Welcome all to my book haul for April! It is time to show you all my books, and I got plenty of new book babies (including a book that I have been waiting for since 2019 but Amazon never had it in stock)!

April… well, was April. Weather-wise the weather definitely didn’t know what to do with itself. Haha, we had a few days with snow, hail, snow, hail, wind, snow. Other days with just rain. Some days with warm weather, others with freezing weather. It was utterly confusing. This month did have some good things, like Easter! We had a friend visit us and we had a fun evening. My hubby and I went on a small vacation to a cottage in Centre Parcs and we bicycled and walked a lot. And since yesterday slowly restrictions are being lifted, after 4.5 months! Let’s see how long it lasts though.

From this pile of books I read 13 books! Quite nice, just got 4 more books left!

Pre-orders/Gift: 10 || Normal: 7 books.

Pictures, Emoji, Cute

Book List, Emoji, Cute
Immigratitude by various comic artists
Als je maar gelukkig bent by Jessica van Geel, Robbert Blokland
Hollowpox by Jessica Townsend
Bridge of Souls by Victoria Schwab
The Extremely High Tide by Kit Fox, Coats
Escape Game by Maren Stoffels
CTRL-A by Juultje van den Nieuwenhof
Nooit zeggen dat je nichtje mooi kan zingen! by Marjon Hoffman, Georgien Overwater
De eik was hier by Bibi Dumon Tak
De Neehoorn by Mark-Uwe King, Astrid Henn

Crave by Tracy Wolff
Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel
Tsunami Girl by Julian Sedgwick, Chie Kutsuwada
Was ik hier maar nooit gaan wonen by Jake Halpern
Tropenjaren by Femke Roobol
Krypto by Hans Jorgen Sandnes
JocheM by Anne Reitsema

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