Mehsi Needs A Breather – AKA Vacation Schedule 12-16 April

Mehsi Needs A Breather – AKA Vacation Schedule 12-16 April

Hi all,

With everything going on the past year and things not looking up yet (no vaccinations, lockdown still here, will everything ever get right), I have decided to take 5 days off from the internet. I just need a breather. I need some time for myself to try and get out of this hole I am in. It was my husband’s plan 2 months ago to maybe just take a break and while I was hesitant, he has won me over to the idea. So I am leaving the internet from the 12th to the 16th, I will be back on the 17th and hope I feel more like the second GIF.

My husband and I are planning to relax, walk and bicycle a lot, sleep, watch Netflix.

I planned some fun posts for you all to read while I am away and I am hoping that Twitter’s scheduled tweet thingie does its thing. prays for that

See you all again on Saturday! Stay safe!

April 12th
*Blog Tour for Books on the Hill Promo (+Review) (morning)
*ARC Review for My Dad ★★★★★+ stars (afternoon)
*ARC Review for Our Not-So-Lonely Planet Travel Guide, Vol.1 ★★★★★ stars (afternoon)
*Monday’s First Sentence (evening)
April 13th
*ARC Review for The Secret Life of Bees ★★★★1/2 stars (afternoon)
*Teaser Tuesday (evening)
April 14th
*Blog Tour for The Mary Shelley Club by Goldy Moldavsky + Review (★★★★★ stars) (morning)
*The Count 10 With Me Book Tag (afternoon)
*Waiting on Wednesday (evening)
April 15th
*Review for Descendants of Darkness, Vol.1+Vol.2 ★★★★ stars (afternoon)
*ARC Review for The Grumpy Fairies ★★★ stars (afternoon)
*First Chapter First Paragraph Thursday Intros (evening)
April 16th
*ARC Review for The Dinosaur Awards ★★★★ stars (afternoon)
*Review for Hostage by Guy Delisle ★★★★ stars (afternoon)
*Friday’s Page 69 (evening)

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