Online Bieb Book Haul 29-4-2021

Online Bieb Book Haul 29-4-2021


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I am back again with a new Online Bieb (Online Library) Book Haul! I got some new books added to my shelves.

So while the lockdown is getting slowly dismantled (maybe not the right word, but I like the sound of it) starting this week, libraries are probably still closed until late May. That is why I have kept an eye on the Online library, I wasn’t eager to search as I knew the results would be sad, but they still have a new additions section and I kept checking that one. And a few days ago it was jackpot. They added 18 pages of new books, and while most of the books weren’t for me, I did manage to find 7 books!

STATS:  9 books. 7 fiction, 2 non-fiction.

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