Online Bieb Book Haul 7-4-2021

Online Bieb Book Haul 7-4-2021

Hello, hello!

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Welcome all to a brand-new Online Bieb Book Haul!

So the lockdown has been extended to 20 April, so I am still stuck without physical library books. This past week I have been browsing the Online Library to see if I could find any more books. I went through some topics/themes, plus I wanted to start reading books about WWII since it is almost May (May 5th is liberation day here). I am not sure how much more I can pull out of the online library at this point, it doesn’t help that a lot of books aren’t for ereaders (and I cannot read on a screen (PC/tablet/phone) for long). But who knows, maybe on April 20th the libraries open again (this would be a dream). And otherwise I will see what I can dig up, but it may well be that this is the last Online Bieb Book Haul post.

I still have 2 books from my previous haul that I need to read so I extended my loan on those two. Hopefully I can get to them soon. 🙂

STATS: 6 books. All Dutch. 5 non-fiction, 1 fiction.

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