Review for A Brief History of Underpants

Review for A Brief History of Underpants

A Brief History of Underpants, Christine van Zandt, Boy, Underwear, Non-Fiction, Humour, Children's BooksI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

I always love books about topics not usually getting a book. I mean, dinosaurs, bones, food, animals, those all get books and tons of them even, but how often do you see a book about underwear? Well? Indeed not often, so I had to click request.

And here we are, we learn all about underwear. From how people went from naked to wearing something (and I would indeed definitely not recommend cacti as underwear XD) to all the things people wore all over the world (I totally forgot that the Egyptian underwear was called Schenti, also NOPE on the red dye) to inventions, and more!

I had so much fun reading this book, the writing style really makes it fun to read and the puns and jokes also help! I learned a lot of new things about the various kinds of underwear and the words for them to inventions that helped with underwear. I even learned that apparently the US has a national Underpants Day! That made me laugh! I also loved seeing what famous underwear there was (eww to most though).

I loved the extra bit at the end, though I would also have liked some other special underwear to be featured (like how do those sumo wrestlers wrap themselves in their things?).

The art was terrific and fitted perfectly with the book/the silliness of it all.

So if you are curious about underwear, want something that will bring a laugh, be sure to check this book out!

Star rating, 5 stars

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