Review for Hellsing, Vol.1

Review for Hellsing, Vol.1

Hellsing, Vampires, Religion, Fantasy, Action, Priests, Monsters, Manga, Red, Man, Full Moon, Glasses, Cross, Kohta HiranoMeet Alucard, a vampire and he will kick your ass if you are trouble. Better not meet him in a dark place…

So I watched the anime YEARS ago, and still want/need to watch Ultimate (but both me and my hubby have so much to watch that we both don’t get to it). I loved the anime. I don’t remember 100% of all the details, but I remember how awesome it was. How cool and deadly Alucard was, and how Victoria got used to being a vampire. How we see tons of battles! So a few years ago I bought some of the volumes in the series and with corona still raging around I thought it would be a good time to read them.

I just LOVE Alucard, love that his name is Dracula mirrored. I love how Alucard is. Yes, he will murder you in a heartbeat (well, OK, do vampires have heartbeats, but you get what I mean), yes you don’t want him pissed off. But he is also a bit off. Weird. Strange. I may even say silly. I just love how everyone just assumes he is easy prey. Someone with big words. Someone who they can easily take down. But oh oh oh, they quickly find out that Alucard is not screwing around. I had such a giggle when one of the vampires asked Alucard why he was on the side of humans, his answer? “The problem with you little turds is that you go on these rampages whenever the urge hits you. If you keep playing this game, humans go extinct and we all die out, you shortsighted punk. Besides, it’s kind of complicated but I can’t disobey the humans.” He is not wrong. This man is right. I am curious about Alucard, I mean I watched the anime but that was years, so I have lost some vital information on Alucard. I cannot wait to read this series further and see that get explored and us seeing more Alucard’s character.

I love finding out more about the head of Hellsing, Integra, and how she became head of the group and all she is doing. She doesn’t have it easy, people often don’t take her and her organisation serious for various reasons, including because she is a woman. Integra is such an interesting person and I cannot wait to learn more about her.

Then there is Seras Victoria, or as Alucard calls her police girl. She got turned by Alucard early on in the volume (much to the frustration of Integra, though I just couldn’t stop laughing) and she is learning what her new undead life is all about. I really love Victoria, she is such an interesting character and she shows great promise. Though they are master and well, child? Offspring? Servant? I really love their relationship and I love how Alucard helps her out. Trains her.

We also meet other characters and I have to say Yumiko/Yumie is the most interesting.

There are tons of battles, gore, and murder in this one. Really, ripped off heads and then being drunk from. Dead people everywhere. Blood drips all over. At times a bit too much for my poor stomach, but I read on.

We also see that the Protestants and Catholics don’t match. For real.

I am not too sure how I felt about the accents that some of the characters had. I mean, it just felt a bit cringy and stereotype filled. I get you want to show that a character is from x place, but maybe not do it this way.

The art is really great, I like the style!

All in all, I cannot wait to continue reading this series. I don’t have all volumes so I will have to see if I can still buy the physical copies somewhere or if there is a digital edition for this one. I would highly recommend this manga if you are into vampires, action, and religion.

Star rating, 5 stars

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