Review for How to Tap a Maple!

Review for How to Tap a Maple!

Girl, Snow, Bucket, Trees, How to Tap a Maple!, Stephanie Mulligan, Connie Rand, Tapping, Sap, Grandparents, Family, Sibling, Picture Book, Rhyme, non-fiction, Children's BooksI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So I was definitely curious about this book. I know about tapping trees from watching US/CAN shows or reading books set in US/CAN. Maybe they do some tapping of trees here, but I only know it from what I mentioned. I do know how it goes, at least basics, but I was eager to see I would get some more information on the process through the book.

In this book two grandchildren are about to be taught how to tap maple trees! We get a simple explanation on each part of the process and I definitely wanted to dive into the book to also help out with the whole process, it looked just so much fun and it was very well explained! Everything you need, how far you need to drill, what to use best, which trees can give more, etc., etc.. There are also some funny parts when the kids find an empty bucket and notice that the tree is not a maple at all! Haha, how did anyone miss that one!

After sap is collected another process begins and I was quite impressed with all the items that grandpa had in his shed and how much things he could do! I loved seeing what happens to the sap that they got out of the tree and how much work it is to get it to actually turn more like the syrup you may see in a store.

I loved that next to the tapping and sapping and mapling we also get to see lots of snow, animals, and nature. That definitely made me smile as I hadn’t expected that we would also get to see that.

I liked that the book was in rhyme! That made it even more playful!

At the end we get some more information on maples and sugar slang. I always love when these kind of extras are added!

The art… I am not always a fan of very realistic art, I mean it works for nature and animals, but humans look a bit weird, like a photograph but uncanny. Not to say the art is bad, just saying it isn’t my style.

All in all, I learned some new things about maple tapping and I wish, even more than normally, that I could also do this! It looks so much fun! I am happy I had the chance to read this book.

Star rating, 4 stars

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