Review for My Dad

Review for My Dad

My Dad, Father, Parenting, Picture Book, Fuzzy Feelings, Heart-warming, Picture Book, Children's Books, Legs, Boy, Susan Quinn, Marina RuizI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

A book all about dads with a super adorable cover! Yes, really adorable and I am giving extra credit points because the front cover shows the boy peeking from behind the dad’s legs and the back cover you see the back of the boy and his father’s legs. I found that so cute!

In this heart-warming and gorgeously drawn book we learn about our MC’s dad. How he isn’t famous, how he isn’t an astronaut, but how everything he does is super and wonderful. From making mornings special to flying a kite to sledding down a hill during snow to imagination during bath time. This dad makes every day, every season something special and something warm for this little boy and I was just smiling so much while reading this one as it was just the cutest thing. I loved seeing the bond between the father and his son. I loved seeing how much fun they had together, even for something like going grocery shopping things become fun. I am all warm and fuzzy at the moment! Just what I wanted to feel as lately, with COVID/pandemic my body is just not too happy. This is perfect. Warming me up again!

The last picture… that was just such a wonderful way to end this book!

The illustrations were fantastic. Marina Ruiz has an amazing style that really fit with this warm and fuzzy book and enhances those warm and fuzzy feelings.

Highly recommended!

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